3 Step Formula for Every Project

People-Get the right people.

Processes-Define your processes. Rehearse them. Make sure that a policy isn’t going to lead to an unexpected bottleneck.

Progress-The push towards business value is strong, but without the first two ingredients it will be hard to move forward. Once you have them moving forward will be moving quickly.

Talking about Talking

I’ve done a lot of projects. One area that remains constant is that team members will overlook the communication tools/techniques when they enter planning.

We’ll have long talks about how we build what we do. Who does the next step after one is completed. How all the steps need to flow.

But we rarely talk about how we’re going to share the message that allows the intended flow to happen.

NOTE: Don’t just talk about what you’re doing. Talk about how you’re going to talk about how you’re going to talk.

If you’re on one of my projects, please, PLEASE feel free to ask, how are we going to transfer knowledge?