Disorganized Constraint

Resources can be constrained by disorganization. Disorganization can result in only being able to tackle the important things instead of all the responsibilities they have.

Enough disorganization of a critical resource and it becomes the system’s constraint.

Once a disorganized resource is the system’s constraint all other aspects of the system are subservient to the capacity of that resource.

How do you think they feel when they realize that their lack of processes impacts everyone else around them?

How should a leader respond?

3 Step Formula for Every Project

People-Get the right people.

Processes-Define your processes. Rehearse them. Make sure that a policy isn’t going to lead to an unexpected bottleneck.

Progress-The push towards business value is strong, but without the first two ingredients it will be hard to move forward. Once you have them moving forward will be moving quickly.

Uncertainty isn’t always negative

Uncertainty is a part of our lives. We don’t know the future and we we try to estimate it (as a species) we fail miserably.

8 X 8 does not equal 64.

Why? because 8 might feel like an accurate assessment but there is some level of variation. If you did (8+/-1) X (8+/-1) you don’t get 64. You get a range that includes 64.

Because we’ve all been burned by estimates not becoming reality we can have a tenuous view of the future.

That tenuous view isn’t an absolute. Sometimes we like uncertainty. Comedy and Magic both play on our love of uncertainty with a positive outcome. Presents are another form of uncertainty with a positive connotation.

As a Project Leader it’s important to view uncertainty as neutral. There are both threats and positive surprises. The balance may be more on the threats, don’t be wary of being guarded against them.

Be cautious about being too guarded. If your project sees you constantly overcome and viewing uncertainty as only a negative element, they’ll follow your lead. Treat uncertainty in a way where it can be both positive an negative.