A Billion to One

In the Star Wars movies C-3PO is often heard quoting the odds of something happening and it’s usually at a moment where there’s a lot of very precise digits.  So, in case you wondered the Star Wars odds for successfully navigating an asteroid field are 3,720:1.  I wouldn’t bother to confirm if this is accurate or not because this information also comes from the same universe that uses parsec as a measurement of time instead of distance.

So, this blog is not anywhere near the top 100 internet sites out there.  In fact, it’s rather unpopular–and that’s ok.  I’m not blogging for my popularity.  But, I was thinking, what are the odds of someone coming to my site?  Based upon the fact that I routinely get about 1 person in India visiting it’s about 1,354,051,854 :1.  That’s pretty humbling, but then you must realize that the people in India are on the Asian continent and so it’s more like 1,415,045,928 (China)+1,354,051,854 (India) =2,769,097,782:1.

That’s how unpopular my blog is.