Know Your Spouse–Or at Least Their Transcripts

My wife was helping our oldest son select classes for High School. As the process was taking its natural course (teenager becomes less engaged). She asked if he wanted to take economics.

I recommended it.

Then I remarked that I’d never taken an economics class.

The wife didn’t believe me.

You see, I’d helped her through her macro and micro economics coursework when she had questions and my answers were spot-on with the text books and research she did for the class. Totally makes sense that she would have that impression.

But it was wrong.

So I pulled up my transcript and sure enough. No economics classes.

Years of listening to Freakanomics podcasts and reading Freedman, Hayek, Sowell, and for fun have paid off.

My wife finally told me I was right about something.

Awesome Day Round 2

So I arranged for these two to go out on a date just before I left Utah. Then my job was to back off and see what would happen. I asked how they were doing a bit later and in response I got this photo.

It says a lot!

I haven’t been getting much sleep these past few weeks. About 10 days ago I was finally going to get some rest (more than 5.5 hours) and went to bed. At 11:30pm I got a phone call. It was from Mike. It was good news. Something he and I had been talking about for a long time finally happened. He was excited. I was sleepy.

As mention in the previous post, I had to be in at work early and had a 3:00am wakeup. Yes there is a 3:00 in the morning for those of you who didn’t know. So I crashed putting the boys to bed last night.

Wouldn’t you know it, around 11:00 there was a phone call from Mike. Chrissy answered, woke me up and it was good news once again.

He wanted to tell me that McKell got a new ring and he bought it for her.

There’s a bit of pride involved in playing match maker. After all this makes two couples I’ve introduced. My efforts are minimal compared to the amount of work it takes to create a family and keep it together. They’re wonderful people. They’re a wonderful couple. Just the sort of wonderful people that causes a loving Heavenly Father to send an invitation to the highest covenant man can make here on earth.

Congrats Mike and McKell! I’m glad to be your friends.

This photo is definitely NOT their baby. If we give them time I’m sure we’ll see one like it in a few years. 🙂


I’ve got a playlist that shuffles through a lot of my favorite songs. Most of them are about 10 years old–if not more. It seems I’m still musically stuck in high school. One of the songs that comes on is Marc Cohn’s Walking in Memphis.

Chrissy, being a military spouse has stayed home a lot while I’ve had to go away for one reason or another. This summer it was her turn. Chrissy finally took a girls trip. Destination: Nashville.

While there she toured a lot of the sites that are mentioned in the song. She had a blast. She got to see the Gibson guitar factory and Graceland among other sites. I wasn’t there. Tom and I survived taking care of the kids, and had a blast. Every once in a while Chrissy will hear a part of the song that stands out to her. Something she didn’t hear before. She’ll turn to me and start, “Remember when we were…”

It usually takes her a few sentences before she realizes that I wasn’t there. I wasn’t invited. I wasn’t allowed.

Quite frankly, I’m flattered. It seems my wife has a wonderful psychological condition: She associates her good memories with ME. Whether I was there or not. I’m not sure when it this phenomenon became a permanent member of our our marriage, but in any case it’s a part of who she is.

Odd thing is, come to think about it, I do the exact same thing. Does anyone else magically associate their good memories to their spouses? Or is this just something for me and Chrissy?.