Snore Detection

A few months ago I wrote about how smoke detectors desperately need a button for when you accidentally set them off burning something on the stove. That idea hasn’t gained wide-spread adoption yet and I can totally understand why. The idea would require a software and hardware change for a highly regulated product. So, no big deal. Let’s try something that only requires a software change–Our Phones.

Several phones on the market have voice recognition. I can say “hey, google or hey, siri and get a polite ding and the device is ready to do my bidding. This means that our devices are constantly listening to us. I also have a few apps that have snooze timers. My audible app for instance will let me listen to 30 minutes of a book as I a fall asleep. The problem is that I might fall asleep before those 30 minutes are up. It’s very rare to fall asleep at precisely the estimated time of the timer.

So, this brings up another idea. Why not add snore detection?

Seriously. If it hears me snoring it should stop the app and rewind my spot by 5 minutes. That would be a great way to go.

I’m not sure why no one has thought of this yet, but now that someone has and it only requires a software upgrade let’s see how long it takes to make this a reality.

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Ice Cream Philosophiser

“Dad, if you think about it everything in the world is either made of ice cream, or not made of ice cream.” While this is a bit odd it does show a propensity for binary thinking.  I didn’t quite know how to respond, but in my head I’m thinking 1’s and 0’s aren’t going to scare this kid. Oh, and to be clear, he’s correct.  Things are either made of ice cream, or they’re not.  I wonder which things aren’t made of ice cream that probably should be.
person holding icecream
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