Names Matter

I was in a different town staying at a hotel.

Across the street was a Thai place. Thai 2 Go.

I wanted to call and place my order. So I looked up Thai to Go on my phone, called, and placed an order.

When I got there my order wasn’t ready.

Because I’d called a restaurant 800 miles away that used to instead of 2.

Turns out two letters can make a big difference. In my case, an 800 mile difference.

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It’s Not Froot

We have a problem.

I thought I was the sort of person who paid attention to things. Then I had breakfast this morning. That breakfast was the Kellogg’s cereal, Froot Loops.

Looking at the box, for the first time I noticed it wasn’t Fruit Loops. I knew it didn’t really taste like fruit but I thought the colors paid loose homage to the potential that fruit might have been involved–somehow.

Now, I’m just not sure how I can maintain my word nerdom with this glaring mistake. Froot isn’t really a word. The closest you get to it being used outside of the cereal box is the album title for a Welsh singer.

Idaho City Pie

This is not a food blog, but since I blog and I eat food, sometimes the two lines will intersect. This is one of those times.

I love soup. There are four soups on my top soups list. Let’s cover them in reverse order:

4. Soup on the Range: 20 years in the day involved a lot of trips to the rifle and pistol ranges over the years. In the cold months soup would be delivered in large insulated containers. It didn’t matter if it came from a can. I’d put a large helping in my cup and bask in the warmth and nutrients.

3. The next best soup was in Krakow Poland at a restaurant near the Wieliczka Salt Mine. That soup was mushroom and even came in a bread bowl shaped like a mushroom.

2. Bensheim Goulash. I can’t remember where it happened in town otherwise I would have gone back for more, but the traditional goulash with fresh vegetables was perfect with the heavy wheat bread on the side. This was the best soup on my list for more than 10 years.

That is until this week when we took a trip to Idaho City and showed up at a reastraunt famous for it’s pie. The pie was delicious. If this were a pie list it would easily be in the running. But it’s not a pie list, it’s a soup list.

1. Trudy’s Kitchen in Idaho City is famous for their pie, but their soup was amazing. Fresh veggies (including greens), home made noodles, and tender chunks of beef not only tickled my taste buds but tipped the goulash off the top of the list. So, if you visit when it’s warm grab their pie.

You won’t be disappointed, but if the external temperature can handle the heat, give their soup a go. It’s amazing!

Oh, and where’s the photo? It didn’t last that long.