S1E16 Believe in People

S1E16 Believe in People

A book born out of wisdom can add a lot in the way of mentorship and show the hope for our better future.

Hello and welcome to Parking Thought. I’m Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today. In the episode we’re going to be discussing the book Believe in People. I think I can drop this on Reddit when I’m done to share it out with folks. Would you take a minute to share it wherever your feel comfortable?

Believe in People is a book that seems born out of the mind of someone spending a lifetime seeking for wisdom. I would best describe this book as a lamp of wisdom. The premise is a compelling argument to tackle the largest problems we face as a species through a solution that is both simple and complex, global and personal.

For my first time reading it I didn’t approach it through the lens of tacking the larger societal problems. Instead I read it for the answers that I needed in my own life. As a father of teenagers it reminded me of the lessons I learned in my early teens that have helped me be successful in life. As a contributor to a business I learned things that can help improve the style of my contributions. At the macro or micro level this book has something for everyone.

People are looking for a better way. Towering barriers are holding millions of people back, and the institutions that should help everyone rise are not doing the job. Crumbling communities. One-size fits all education. Businesses that rig the economy. Public policy that stifles opportunity and emboldens the extremes. As a result, this country is quickly heading toward a two-tiered society.

Today’s challenges call for nothing short of a paradigm shift – away from a top-down approach that sees people as problems to be managed, toward bottom-up solutions that empower everyone to realize their potential and foster a more inclusive society.

Such a shift starts by asking: What would it mean to truly believe in people?

Great questions lead to constructive answers. While I was reading this I was impressed by and found myself asking questions about the humility of the authors.

Humility is one of the key ingredients needed to believe in others. Studying it has helped me meet an immediate need in my life. There has been more than one occasion where I have been frustrated by a coworker because I lacked the humility to believe they could do their job better than I could. Throughout this book Charles Koch—one of the most successful businessmen alive today—displays a level of humility that is worth following. I strongly recommend reading the book just because the example of empowerment is sincere.

As I was preparing this post I did a bit more digging into how that sincerity was fostered and then I noticed the obvious. It’s interesting how asking a slightly different question can lead to a dramatically more positive outcome.

The sincerity about believing in people comes from years of living that belief and seeing the results in different places. It was then I realized that the book was a collection of anecdotes of the successes where believing in people changed the lives of small and large groups in dramatic ways. This trailer to the book shares a bit more of these examples.


This book was extremely helpful on my journey to reinforce and relearn several of the principles I grew up with and learned throughout my life. It’s thoroughly refreshing to hear from one of the great businessmen we have alive today speak about the potential of others’ contributions as equal to his. So often that class of individuals seeks to only tackle the larger view and they become disconnected in the process.

As probably one of the greatest compliments I could give any book I found myself wanting to share this book with my sons as they chart their own course through life. I think it would add a lot to their mental wellbeing and their capacity to contribute.

If you could use the influence of a good mentor in your life this is a great one to consider. The time spent is well worth it and in a world that seems to so easily abandon hope this book will renew it.

If you’d like to share the steps you’re taking to help move us towards our hopeful future feel free to leave a comment wherever you find this episode or using the link to the show notes over at ParkingThought.com ParkingThought is your favorite .com. If you visit there you can never go wrong.

I’m Jacob and thanks for joining us on our journey into a better future. Remember in a world where you can be anything, why not choose to be grateful?

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