Podcast #Gratitude & YouTube | 134

Oftentimes all we have to do is take a look at regular events in a different way.
Today let’s jump into

gratitude and #YouTube | 134

YouTube’s existence demonstrates the successful achievement of three ingredients we struggled with in the early days of the internet:

Accessibility: Let us imagine for a moment a young internet and the computers that connect to it. In those early days connecting online meant dial up and monopolizing the family phone line. Ah, the oh-so familiar sound of a dial up modem. Getting connected meant sitting still.

Screen Machines: Computers of this era would generally struggle to draw images on the screen. Video was a dream. When it did happen it was pixelated and usually featured a low frame rate. That didn’t matter much though if you were on a laptop. The refresh rates on those early beasts left artefacts on the screen. Wasn’t much to see there.

Storage: Beefy hard drives were always expensive. Beefy hard drives with fast connections to the internet were really expensive. Having the capacity to host video required human kind building significant infrastructure. From fibre networks to firmware for servers we had a lot work to do to build the capacity needed for online video.

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