Thoughts on Afghanistan

Thoughts on Afghanistan

I’m not one of the high paid analysts that gets air time on the news to talk about the events unfolding in Afghanistan. I am someone who’s been there, wore a uniform, and came home with scars I get to carry with me for the rest of my life. I’d like to believe I have sweat credibility.

I didn’t get to sleep last night. What I saw on the news and what my friends and wife were sharing with me stirred deep emotions that don’t go away simply because it’s bed time. Here are the thoughts that I’m using to help me get through my feelings:

  • Governments have to be credible. The Taliban was the only credible government in that country for the last 20 years. When they said something they did it.
    • We didn’t.
    • The Afghan Army didn’t.
    • The Afghan Police didn’t.
  • There are great people in Afghanistan.
    • There are wonderful husbands, fathers, and brothers who live and work hard for their families.
    • There are wonderful mothers, daughters, and sisters who live and work hard for their families.
    • The environment is harsh. The instability is harsh. These people have risen to the challenge for generations. They can rise to this challenge.
  • We’re only seeing a small snapshot in time.
    • The public ignored this war for the better part of the 20 years it’s been going on. Now they’re seeing the consequence of incompetence that’s been inherent for most of the two decades it was fought.
    • This chapter is a sad one, but we’re not seeing the whole story. What’s not on the news?
    • When you take the longest view possible you see the greatest opportunity for hope. There’s still plenty of room for hope.

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