Google’s Product Sans Font

Google’s Product Sans Font


What better way to end the week than with a new font to add to your library?  Fonts are your friends, and on Fridays it’s important to spend time with your friends.In earlier posts we’ve covered Google’s Roboto and Apple’s San Francisco.  Both were released in 2015, and both seemed to be each company’s answer to the fact that our fonts weren’t designed for screens.  Apple has continued for the last several years with their San Francisco font, but Google has opted to continue development.This year they’ve released a new font, Product Sans.  Released is a bit of a loose term.  Google is known for paying the licensing fees for many fonts and releasing the fonts on their websites free for use and download.  Loading fonts quickly helps websites load faster and improve response time.  So Google giving away their fonts allows you and I to read more pages and in turn help Google increase its advertising space.Product Sans is not one of those fonts.  As of writing this the official response from the company is:

“Google offers many fonts under open source licenses. This is not one of them. Please see Google Fonts for options you can use.”

That doesn’t mean we can’t say it’s nice and that actually doesn’t stop you from downloading it.  It just stops you from officially downloading it.So if you feel like doing something a bit unofficial, please use the link above and enjoy adding a new and beautiful font to your library.

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