In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory


On this day I think it’s important to take a few minutes to remember Lillian Virginia Mountweazel.  While her life was brief her accomplishments were significant enough to warrant an entry in the 1975 New Columbia Encyclopedia.

Mountweazel, Lillian Virginia, 1942-1973, American photographer, b. Bangs, Ohio. Turning from fountain design to photography in 1963, Mountweazel produced her celebrated portraits of the South Sierra Miwok in 1964. She was awarded government grants to make a series of photo-essays of unusual subject matter, including New York City buses, the cemeteries of Paris and rural American mailboxes. The last group was exhibited extensively abroad and published as Flags Up! (1972) Mountweazel died at 31 in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine.

While Ms. Virginia didn’t exist her last name has now become the term used to describe a fictitious entry in reference material.  The next time you spot a fictitious entry, you’re welcome to say that you’ve found a Mountweazel.

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