Taking Turns

Last time the dog got skunked it was my turn to give him a bath. This time the dog got skunked and it was still my turn to give him a bath.

Isn’t there like a thing where you’re supposed to take turns on this one? Or is this like the dishes where it’s just my chore every night and I should be grateful to get any help?

I’m also thinking that if we actually lived in a town–it’s mascot would be a skunk. In the 15 miles I drive to and from work there’s usually a two skunk minimum. (Two dead skunks on the road)

I guess this is just what happens when you live in the country.

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  1. Skunk dogs always fall under the responsibility of the male. It’s written somewhere in the Old Testament, I swear, just after “only let your camel walk 400 yards on a Saturday morning. Unless it’s raining.”

  2. The dog isn’t dumb. Skunk’s don’t smell like skunks right off the bat. Besides the only part Moby doesn’t like about chasing a skunk is getting a really aggressive bath afterwards.Now as far as the old testament thing goes–Em, I’m pretty sure that skunks are a North American mammal. So how they got into the old testament I couldn’t tell you. Prophecy maybe?In any case searching for it now in the scriptures wasn’t any good either. I guess it’s fallen into the “lost books” category. We’ll have to update the “Lost Books of the Bible” wikipedia article to include the camel/skunk stuff.There should be a website for all of the things that have been reportedly “lost” from the bible. If you heard about the skunk thing missing I could only imagine what others think is lost.

  3. I agree I’m sure it was in the good Book somewhere. As for skunk stories, ask your wife about hers and how she and Trevor Hovdebo were almost orphans because their parents were very close to having heart attacks. If she tells you maybe next time you can use it as leverage by threatening to put on the blog if she doesnt take a turn.

  4. Thanks for the ammunition, but I’m afraid it’s already past time where it could be used. You see if I had known this prior to washing the dog the first time I could have said, “Honey, you have more experience with skunks than I do.” Instead we’ve created a pattern where it’s my responsibility–dang.Even my Former English Teacher (normally a very loyal crowd) sided with Chrissy due to gender-based-affiliation (or because I was a rotten student). :-(We should buy something like:”whatthegoodbookdoesntsay.com”or “missingyourfavoriteverse.com”or”theunfoundscriptures”or something else.Someday– :-)Emily should buy it. She seems to be an expert on the subject.

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