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So Chrissy looks over at me and says, “Are you blogging?” I said “no” of course. Because a few minutes ago I wasn’t blogging. Now I am.

What can I blog about? Well, nothing. I’m not allow to blog. I guess I’m allowed to tell you that Chrissy is blogging. I’m not really sure what she’s blogging about.

We’ll have to see. One things for sure–I’ll probably be falling asleep before she gets done.

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  1. To keep the rods on the fulcrum try notching the fulcrum and putting a strap across the top. Use an old belt or snap straps at least. Got some great ideas for that catapult but don’t tell Sharon or Chrissy. I still want to be able to visit my grand kids.

  2. This would work if the rod wasn’t fixed to the beam. As it turns out the rod/beam part moves as a unit. The hole probably should have been wider, but the drill ran out of power so I just did the best I could. When I was done the pole was slightly too large and had to be pounded.Still working on what to do next. I’ll think of something.

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