And YOU Built the Internet | 88

In this edition I talk about how there’s a lot of scary in the world, but we also have a lot to be grateful for.


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my name is Jacob and I’m glad you’re
here today and in this edition we’re
gonna talk a bit about how there’s a lot
of things going on in the world that may
make you scared or upset or have a bad
day and so I want to want to find a few
things that are good in the world that I
think might help you get through that at
least for a minute this episode is going
to be titled you built the internet and
there’s a good reason why I think we
ought to remember what we have today and
not take it for granted you helped build
the Internet now here’s the way I think
about the world every person that ever
buys anything is sending an economic
signal to the rest of the economy and
whether you built the internet because
you were the guy that invented samba or
HTTP or figured out some of the really
critical math that allows us to have
HTTPS and have that functioning or
you’re one of those guys that built
let’s encrypt or you’re just a podcaster
that likes to talk about tech or you’re
just somebody who ever watched a YouTube
video or ever bought a computer or ever
bought a phone or work at a place where
you happen to use some of those pieces
of technology you helped built the
Internet now don’t take credit for the
whole thing we’ve had people try to do
that before it doesn’t really work but
you helped build the Internet you send
an economic signal to different folks to
be able to let them know where you saw
value in being able to use this
technology and these devices to be
connected you know when the iPhone first
came out Apple thought they had a winner
on their hands they didn’t realize they
would eventually become the number one
phone manufacturer in the world I mean
there was a lot of legacy folks that
they were putting out of business I mean
we talked about Apple versus Nokia yeah
but I mean the industry the cell phone
industry basically put Ma Bell out of
business you know in a very big way
globally I used to make fun of the
military in the government because they
had signed ten
your contracts for their phone
technology that they had at the time
right so they had phones installed on
their desks and they would pay
long-distance fees even after the iPhone
and cell phones had become popular and I
thought that was funny because
long-distance was a myth
I remember we used to pay for our SMS
messaging and now we don’t do that
remember when we used to have to pay to
make a phone call around the world and
now I could do that remember we used to
think it was science fiction to be able
to get on a video call and now that’s a
part of what I do I was so excited when
I got to start working with the team I
did at work and I was able to call Hong
Kong and I just thought like wow this is
amazing then I was able to call people
in China and that was cool too and then
talk to people in India now that’s a
regular part of my day and I might
forget from time to time how absolutely
amazing that is I grew up with the
internet it showed up when I was
years old and I was online shortly
thereafter and I was online at every
iteration sense the old dial-up modems
all the way to today where we just use
Wi-Fi oh my goodness and the Wi-Fi has
gotten so much better remember when that
technology first came out people didn’t
know if it would actually add any value
because we’re so insecure and it was so
slow and look how we’ve used that
frequency spectrum to get these things
moving forward now I bring this up
because we are going to see certain
parts of the economy severely impacted
by kovat and we might see my industry I
work in the food industry right we might
see that industry impact that in
different ways now I work for a company
who believes in self-reliance and has
you know the means and has prepared to
be able to work through situations like
this pretty well it’s one of the reasons
why I chose this employer is because of
how they would have responded in the
past and how they have you know kind of
established this relationship between
the employee and the employer that I
find really good and because of that
relationship that relationship has a
value so when you look at what my
paycheck is right it’s lower than what
the industry even in my local area
it’s lower than what the industry would
normally consider the value of my skills
and that’s okay because I got to choose
that the value of the relationship
between myself and my employer you know
especially through times like this was
worth that difference to me I’m grateful
for that I’m also very very grateful you
know that we have the Internet and I
want you to remember that you helped to
build it have you ever bought anything
on Amazon guess what all of those times
that all of those hundreds of thousands
and millions of transactions happened on
Amazon right when it was in its early
day sent signals to Amazon and allowed
them to have the money they needed to to
build a network of servers so they used
those economic signals right of people
buying their books to build up their
networks so that way they could have a
website that was more responsive and in
building a network that had a website
that was more responsive they ended up
realizing that they had the ability to
you know sell off some of their excess
you know infrastructure that they had
built off so we ended up with Amazon Web
Services Google has followed suit with
offerings in their space again selling
off their excess and Microsoft has got
hasher now as well all of these things
in the backbone of the internet and the
technology that’s available there I got
to see as I was growing up and yes while
significant parts of the economy will be
impacted there is a large part of the
economy that can still move forward
because of the Internet right if
everybody years ago was told to go
home my family would have been you know
crippled and so would have everybody
else’s because there are very few jobs
that you can do in social isolation
isolation so shal isolation you know
years ago and now there’s quite a few
jobs that you can do despite social
isolation and we need to remember that
well things will be impacted we’ve got
something beautiful here that allows us
to keep moving forward and so while we
may worry and we may have
concerns about the parts of things that
we can’t control right are the parts of
things where we have opportunity to
improve let us not forget that we have
something great and amazing and you
helped to build it you who are listening
to this on a smart device you’re
listening to this on the Internet you
can still stay connected you’re not in
isolation I once told my son yesterday
as a joke I said you can’t post on
social media because we have to practice
social isolation and he said he laughed
at me because the two really are
different now we can still be sociable
we can still communicate and we can
still have large parts of the economy
moving forward because of something that
you’ve helped to built slowly and
incrementally and a very small step at a
time you built the Internet thank you
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