And Some Updates & Embarrassment 🤦‍♂️ | 83

In this edition I share a few updates and talk about embarrassment. I share about why I podcast with my family members. I was also featured on a recently episode of LInux Spotlight and Jacob Batemen is now podcasting as well.

Linux Spotlight appearance:


music by Dyalla Swain


hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
everyday if you’re gonna want to like
and subscribe wherever you happen to
find us curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today this week
is kind of a grab bag for the last
couple of weeks we’ve been doing you
know themes so we had a family history
theme we had a government theme which is
a bit odd not too many people are
grateful for the government but as I
like to point out there are things in
the systems that we don’t necessarily
appreciate that we can still find ways
of being grateful for this week though
is a little bit more of a grab bag so
just in case you guys were wondering a
couple of rules I have out there is if
any of my kids actually want to join the
show we do it I publish it and that’s
part of what we’re doing and so everyone
said well you know when you hear an
episode where I can get one of the kids
to record and maybe the recording is not
the best quality
or maybe it’s it’s a little more ad hoc
and not as well organized please be
understanding there that the part of the
reason for me doing podcasts is to
create an experience for my children and
being able to create that experience
with them is very important to me now I
wish that my kids would co-host this
with me and you know that we could get
the mic set up and a space dedicated in
the house to do that I’d love to work
towards that end
for now though they join me somewhat
reluctantly at times and I’m still just
really grateful for those opportunities
so yesterday’s episode with Michael it
was a lot of fun to create and produce
and be able to have that out there
so speaking of different episodes and
different things going on let’s let’s
keep you guys up to date on a couple of
things one of them is I recently did a
podcast interview for the Linux
spotlight and I did this with a
gentleman named Rocco Rocco’s podcast
along the linux spotlight is designed to
showcase the Linux community right who
is in the Linux community and I find it
odd to be that I was selected to be a
part of that show not not because
you know it at one point in my history
of running open source the people in
that environment it was kind of like a
litmus test or at least it felt that way
to me maybe it wasn’t and maybe it just
felt that way to me like well how long
have you been running Linux and you know
do you have it on all your machines and
is it your daily driver and over the
last three five years the Linux
community has completely turned around
on that and they seem to be more willing
and open to let people run whatever they
want to and enjoy whatever they want to
I still run Linux in my house I run it
as my home media server I do have one of
my computers you know running Linux it
gives me access to a game I like and all
the great tools and other things that
are available and Linux is so good on
older hardware so I will always run
Linux because it’s just it kind of fits
and as I described in the interview I
talked about how you know it’s this it’s
it’s kind of like you know when I was
running you know I could run on the road
I can run on the sidewalk I could run on
a trail right and then one day I
realized I didn’t have to run on the
trail anymore I could run off the trail
and and moving forward in a space where
it felt like undiscovered country least
undiscovered to me right and that fresh
feeling of discovering something new for
yourself you know that you were carving
a path was really just amazing and now
while running is the analogy I used for
doing that the ability to do that on
Linux is you know that’s that’s part of
that experience right it’s it’s new I
mean it’s it’s there’s all kinds of new
ways you can do it there is no Linux
install that matches the other one right
and I think that’s really amazing
because the software is very unique and
and what’s interesting is it gets you
thinking of your desktop right so on
Windows you know you have the the
Windows paradigm or how the desktop is
set up has kind of programmed us to
think in that paradigm of the only way
to get things done and on Linux that
paradigm is referenced but doesn’t
really exist you have lots of ways of
doing things and lots of ways of trying
different things and so I’ve been a
Linux fan for a long number of years and
so Rocco and I talked about that we
talked about some of the other history
and what might be going on with that
community going forward and there’s
never been a better time to try Linux
the community is so engaging and I think
the rock goes on to something here by
interviewing people in the community and
showcasing who they are I think that the
Linux community is going to continually
engage and interact with some of the
best talent out there and then I think
that over time that talent is going to
create particular software that will
make Linux and distinguish Linux from
the rest of the pack and I think it’s
going to be amazing and so it’s fun to
see if you want to listen that interview
I will link it in the show notes below
right so you guys can go ahead and
listen that that was a fun interview to
do Rocco’s podcasts are a little longer
than mine not just a little it was over
an hour great conversation I had a lot
of fun with the outtakes as well because
he very relaxed he’s a very very good
host and so this is really easy to get
relaxed and to be able to enjoy that
also in podcast news I’ve got another
podcast to send you guys to if you
remember a few weeks ago we talked about
Buffalo and running and I did a an
interview with Jacob Bateman well Jacob
and his wife are now starting a podcast
and it’s only available in stitcher
right now it’s still early days I want
to see if I can get Jacob to come on to
this show again and be able to tell us a
little more about his podcast and what
it’s doing but it’s really neat that
he’s got that out there again I don’t
want to link you guys to that just yet I
want to give Jacob and his wife a little
more time to kind of mature how they’re
producing it so that way you guys have
the best experience possible and that’s
not to take away from what he’s doing or
you know deny him an audience that may
be willing to listen that’s simply
because you want to have a certain
quality level by the time you start
engaging a large large audience so
they’ve got two episodes out right now
the first episode of any podcast is
always kind of that testing thing right
where it’s just okay this is what we’re
going to do and introduction to the show
and then the second episode is usually
where you get you know kind of start
getting some of the meats so they’ve got
their second episode out there right now
the third episode is usually okay what
do we do how do we how much
time to invest in fixing audio quality
things so that way things will be going
well I’m so glad they’re producing this
it’s really neat to see them being able
to share their voice on things that
they’re passionate about the same way I
get to do on mine all right so let’s
there’s a couple of things I could bring
into to the show today that was kind of
a long intro right and you know one of
them I’ll let’s see here I have my notes
here I just kind of wanted to just have
a casual conversation without too much
notes the world is still amazing stop
and look around you and start describing
what you see and the world is absolutely
an amazing space and yeah you might be
describing your technology or you might
be describing your family you know but
the world around you is amazing for lots
of different reasons and you know that
doesn’t mean it’s perfect and that
doesn’t mean you have to be perfect as
you engage it I noticed the other day so
I’ve been trying to use emojis right
just because I think it’s a neat way of
communicating and I noticed the other
day that the facepalm emoji is the most
popular emoji that I use right so let’s
think about that the facepalm emoji is
the most popular emoji I use and it is
the emoji for you know man putting his
hand on his face like he’s embarrassed
for doing something and that is the most
popular one I use that tells you that
you know I have a lot of opportunities
that I’ve missed that I’ve made mistakes
on that I could have done better or that
I feel embarrassed about embarrassment
has not killed me yet and I don’t think
it will it still happens it’s a learning
tool right but it hasn’t hurt me or
damaged me yet
there’s jokes around some of the people
I work with that the things I’ve said
that have been the wrong things could
make up at least two different t-shirts
right now some people have a longer list
than others and if they compile them it
would probably be closer to four or five
t-shirts regardless though those things
that I have said that have been
embarrassing moments help to create
memories for other people that they
really enjoy and they consider it as
part of the reason why they appreciate
me being around
and so it’s it’s sort of interesting
when you look at embarrassment and how
that feels and realize that yeah it’s
okay keep moving on a year from whenever
you were last embarrassed you’ll still
probably be alive and you’ll probably be
better off than you were before
so I’m not running into opportunities to
be embarrassed but when they happen I
can put them in perspective and just
move on and so part of me moving on with
that is I love how emoji can communicate
things succinctly and so the facepalm
emoji tends to be what I share when it’s
like oh crap
I just goofed or had an embarrassing
moment and it just kind of figured I’d
share that with you guys because I feel
sometimes that when I talk in a
microphone that I’ve got this position
of authority and all the right answers
and the reality is pretty far from that
I am a hot mess moving forward and I’m
okay with that I’m okay with not being
perfect and I actually when I was when I
was praying on Sunday I had a really
clear understanding of how beautiful it
is to not be perfect to have something
to be humble about to have something to
want to work on to improve that’s inside
of you right like really we can we can
look at a garden and say oh I want to
fix this with that in the garden or the
house or something else but the ability
to have some part of you that you want
to work on just struck me as beautiful
on Sunday when I was I was spending some
time praying and you know I I don’t mind
using the facepalm emoji because
sometimes it’s just oh that was an easy
goof and other times it can help lead me
to a sincere realization that I’ve got
opportunities to improve and how
beautiful is that that we can find
things that we want to improve that we
get to carry with us those improvements
we make in ourselves we get to carry
with us for our entire lives and how
beautiful that is so I appreciate you
guys listening today let’s go ahead
let’s wrap this up right so at the end
of each episode I encourage you guys
that if you want to say thank you for
this episode share it with somebody else
you know I love each and every
subscriber we have but I always have to
make those
for more subscribers why because I want
to help engage a broader you know
network of folks I want to help make a
difference in other people’s lives and
if you think that this episode might do
that then please go ahead and share it
with somebody else that you know if you
want to stick around for the long haul
then hey guess what you can go ahead and
do that through a couple different ways
you can search for some stitch or
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there with the SUBSCRIBE links ready to
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choice at the end of every episode I
like to offer a challenge and it’s not
just for you guys it’s also for me to
remember than a world where you can
literally choose to be anything why not
choose to be grateful

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