Minimum Viable Podcast Update ๐ŸŽ™ | 65

In this edition I provide an update on where the podcast is at. This journey started by trying to figure out what was the minimum I could do and still call it a podcast. Now we’re at the stage of maturing the content and the process of creating it. We’ve also added more users along the journey and we’re grateful for each one. I talk about a few upcoming events and invite the audience to send in what they’re grateful for.


music by Dyalla Swain


hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
everyday you’re going to want to like
and subscribe wherever you happen to
find us
curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I am glad you’re here today in
this edition we are going to be doing a
podcast update right because I started
this adventure as what we call a MVP or
Minimum Viable Product podcast right I
started this adventure quite some time
ago I think it was a several months ago
and the idea was to explore what it
would be like to create something
starting with the Minimum Viable Product
now what that meant is I tried to just
go and what was the what was the start
to finish you know simplest way possible
no frills no fluff what could I do what
could I create right and so I started
with just recording a video and then
using the YouTube app on my phone
throwing it up there and off we go and
getting used to adding that as part of
the routine then over several weeks we
decided to you well let’s upgrade to a
different microphone so it sounds better
right and let’s build off of that and
then I still didn’t even have an idea
for the show when we first started this
I didn’t know what theme I wanted to
continue as I kept making episodes and
talking to a microphone you guys are
awesome but you’re physically not in
front of where I’m talking right now so
so how do I envision that how did I work
on that and then over time you know
making each of these steps to make it
better and now I’ve got a a full
production model that works for me it
doesn’t take up a whole lot of time
right there are ways to make the audio
cleaner I could clean up some of the
times that I clear my throat and things
like that but in general the idea behind
this podcast is continue a stream of
thought being able to share things that
I’m excited about that are out there in
the world and being able to just kind of
move things forward but I don’t want to
spend a whole lot of time editing I love
having a family I love having a
full-time job and you know you’ll notice
that I took last week off didn’t give
anybody in the audience warning didn’t
give myself a whole lot of warning
just a life had caught up there was a
lot going on we were doing a lot of
really important things at work and so
if I’m doing really important things at
work that I think are really adding
value and I need to spend time doing
that then I also need to make sure that
I’m spending time with the family and I
didn’t do such a good job on that now I
didn’t want to be producing podcast
episodes at the same time I was having
issues where my family was clamoring for
my time and letting me know that I
needed to be present and needed to be a
part of the equation we’ve talked before
on this podcast about how I am not
perfect although I do try to to find
insights that I find revealing and
awesome and I may speak with an
authoritative tone when I talk about
them it’s really just because it’s more
interesting to listen to somebody with
that type of tone than somebody who does
not have the confidence in their voice
and that’s that’s really where we’re at
so I took last week off without giving
you guys an update I’ll try to do that
in the future hey I might not have
another episode type of thing I’ll try
to let you guys know if I’m going to
take a break but it’s just a break right
and it felt really liberating to have
the control to be like I don’t need to
podcast I choose to do this and to
choose to take the time to be able to
focus on other things really really
healthy so I appreciate everybody’s
patience with that I mean thanks to the
fact that we don’t have bazillions of
subscribers yet I didn’t get a millions
of emails which was awesome so I was
able to kind of take that break and
focus on things that were important
thank you guys for that let’s see I did
take a few notes on what I wanted to
cover we did talk about Minimum Viable
Product talk about how I took last week
off I’ll try to send a notice next time
the random gratitude episodes we’ve been
two of these so far right we did random
gratitude one around and gratitude – and
the idea is to ask people to tell me
something they’re grateful for that they
think others overlooked right and we
have a way to do that on the website you
can literally or physically just go to
the website type that in and we will
read that on the air and that is awesome
but those are my funnest episodes to
produce they are a bit more challenging
I have to talk to strangers in order to
be able to create those I have to
network with friends online who I know
have good microphones and say hey man
can you record something that does blah
blah you know I don’t mind engaging that
network but it does
more time to produce those episodes they
are still my favorite when those
episodes come on right when I listen to
them myself it’s not just I mean I’m
smiling the whole time I’m making them
but I still smile even after I’ve
essentially heard those same audios
clips three or four times because
there’s something about when somebody is
grateful and the smile that they have
that it’s just contagious and I find
that that translates really well over
the microphone if these people are
grateful for the things that they
highlight and so I love sharing those
episodes with you guys and I want you to
participate and you could participate
more than once right so Brent if you’re
still listening out there we’ve had you
on the show before feel free anytime
that you are grateful to record it and
send it into the show anytime you are
grateful and it does not need to be a
good audio quality I can clean up quite
a bit and if you’re really just excited
about something send that into the show
the email address to do that is Jacob at
parking thought calm Jacob at parking
thought calm and we will gladly take
those in so the other thing I’ve done in
the production of this podcast is I
noticed that my volume levels were
different between this podcast and other
podcasts I listened to and the other
podcast I’m referring to are the great
podcast done by the Jupiter broadcasting
crew and community and those typically
tend to be edited by Joe rezzing t’n and
true and I think there might be one
other editor producer in the background
who I don’t know their name so I can’t
give them full credit but I would notice
that my audio I had to turn up the
volume when my shows would come on and I
would listen them in my car try to kind
of get the experience of the audience
and I noticed that and I was trying to
figure out how I can clean up that one
area right because member where this
thing started it’s just a YouTube video
throw it up there and see what happens
and then figure out how to make it a
podcast on a website etc etc etc so I’m
looking for these little things now and
refinements to be able to make the
podcast better and I noticed that audio
level difference and so what I was able
to do is I was able to go into and I I
use Final Cut Pro for helping me create
the podcast I love the visual interface
I learned it when I was doing video
editing and so the audio components that
are in that video editing app
work very well for me and I was able to
find different ways of adjusting the
gain and the lumen error had a few other
things to be able to get it to where it
should have the same level between this
podcast and some of the other
professional podcasts that you guys
listen to and so I really want to say
thank you to Joe rezzing tynin and that
whole crew over at Jupiter broadcasting
for showing me being the example for
what I can do better and that’s part of
what we do in a community and an
ecosystem is as we participate we’ve set
an example for others that they can use
as a reference point either of something
to emulate or something to improve upon
or something to reject but we’re all in
that community benefiting from one
another right so then let’s see next
thing I want to tell you guys about is
that I’m going to Linux fest North West
or at least I submitted to talks to
Linux fest North West right one of them
was about the basic structure of
organizations and how once you
understand the basic structure of
organizations you can leverage that to
make open source collaboration more
productive and healthy and organize
better into teams the other one that I
submitted was a lot of the personal
story that I shared with Brent on my
brunch with Brent episode with him where
he and I were talking about how though
the Linux community was one of the most
significant outlets or one of the great
significant outlets that I had as I was
deployed in Afghanistan and and the time
I spent in Iraq solving problems they
were also just really influential in
helping me have a space where I could
control my environment at least on the
digital space when it came to dealing
with PTSD and what that meant to me so I
get to talk more about that at Linux
fest Northwest that is going on on the
th through the th of April that is
going to be in Velenje was Bellingham
Technical College up in Washington State
and if anybody has headed that way
I’d love to meet with you I’ll probably
be a little overwhelmed by the crowd and
a little shy but come up to me anyway
I’d love to know if you’re a listener to
the show and happened to be up there
that would be awesome as well this
Sunday I’m doing a recording I get to
get interviewed again I don’t know why
people like talking to me but they do
and I guess I have an interesting story
to share and so I’ll be interviewed by
Rocco who does the Linux spotlight
podcast right the Linux spotlight
podcast really looking forward to that
this guy is so well polished and he
hasn’t done a whole lot of these isms
you know the number of episodes so these
are these are interviews with people in
the community and he asks them some
pretty standard questions one of the
things that he does though is he really
does a professional job like from
episode from day one he’s really done
just a very professional job and putting
these together and now I got to see some
of the behind the scenes I’ve been
really consuming as this content but the
behind the scenes of you know hey Jacob
you know here’s the interview questions
let’s go through this I mean Rocco had
just whoo I’m nervous because he’s
invested a lot in making sure this is a
good quality interview so I’m hoping I
can deliver that I will link to that
once that’s published I’m really excited
to be able to be a part of the the great
folks he’s already interviewed some of
which I’ve admired for years and I
really appreciate the opportunity he
takes to talk to folks and to help share
their voice with the community so that
is really cool so this is kind of a an
updating you guys on the podcast episode
I am having a lot of fun doing this it’s
a it’s a great activity to practice and
to listen to yourself and and maybe you
don’t want to do that in a podcast
format but I really do believe taking
the time to speak and listen to yourself
helps you hear what others hear and it
can help to reduce miscommunications
going on in the future
speaking of miscommunications I had one
last Saturday I was up hiking at bogus
base and snowshoes on right and I got up
to the top and a nice gentleman told me
that hey this ski the ski slopes were
gonna open up you can’t really be
snowshoeing I need you to had done
another way we started talking about
snowshoes and Technology and I was we
were talking I
said you know where did you get those
right and you’d pointed at my mice my
feet right and I said well you know I
got these ones in the army and I thought
he was talking about my boots right and
he was talking about my snowshoes and we
had a probably a five-minute
conversation where we were each enjoying
each other’s company and having a good
of the life for conversation but I was
talking about my boots and he was
talking about my snowshoes and by the
time I realized that after we had
separated and walking down the hill I
just you know it’s one of those things
where not everything is obvious right we
don’t always have understanding just
because we’ve sent out a communication
right communication is something that is
beautiful and magical when you can share
something that starts as an idea in your
head and have somebody else understand
it and the communication between two
people about things that are abstract
right we can both say Rock and see Iraq
we can both say shoe or snow shoe and
see issue but really when you can look
at somebody and talk about how you know
being around them makes you feel and how
grateful you are and what gratitude is
is just an absolutely beautiful thing to
have that we’re able to do as human
beings with our vocabulary and our
ability to communicate so we may get it
wrong but I challenge us to keep trying
right record yourself and listen if you
want to record a thank you send it into
the show make it other plug for that
record yourself and listen so that way
you can better share that part of you
that is you because every time you
communicate and that is what you’re
letting out and it’s a wonderful thing
to do so let’s wrap this episode up this
is the part where I tell you the best
way to say thank you for this episode is
to share it with someone you know if
you’re just joining us just for this
episode great glad to have you here
thank you for being around if you want
to stick around for the long haul
there’s a couple different ways you can
subscribe first off whatever your
podcast app is pocket castle stitch or
Spotify all of those things right pod
being well you should be able to look us
up to search for parking thought either
one word or two I can’t remember depends
on the platform but you should be able
to find us and be able
subscribe that way now if you can’t find
those or you just want a quick link or
don’t even wanna search go over to
parking thought calm at the top you’ll
see the SUBSCRIBE links and I’ve got
links to all of those things right quick
and easy so that way I can get delivered
to your favorite device when you’re
ready now at the end of every episode I
love to offer this challenge and it’s
sincere it’s to remember that in a world
where you can choose to be anything why
not choose to be grateful

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