Random Gratitude 2 | 64

In this edition I talk to random folks around the Boise area and ask them to share what they’re grateful for. The answers are wide ranging and truly show us there’s a lot of good in the world worth celebrating.

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
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curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today
this is another edition of our random
gratitude this is random gratitude vol
and what it is is I go around and I’ve
got a microphone that plugs into my
phone and I ask people to tell me
something that they’re grateful for that
they think others overlook right tell me
something that you’re grateful for that
you think others overlooked and in fact
we’ve actually added a portion of our
website to be able to allow you to do
just that so if you want to participate
in the show right head on over to
parking thought calm and you should be
able to see a link that says contribute
to the show now it’s just a web form
right it’s just a web form that’s out
there that you can fill out and tell us
something you’re grateful for I will
read that on the air in a future episode
now if you want to actually record your
voice and send that in you are
absolutely welcome to do that right and
the email address you want to send that
to is Jacob at parking thought calm I
will take that just make it a WAV file
or an mp file and if the audio quality
is good enough which for most
smartphones as long as you’re not in a
noisy environment it should be you can
tell us something that you’re grateful
for that you think other people often
overlook now I want to start this with
something I’m grateful for that I think
other people often overlooked and it’s
one of the Star Wars movies believe it
or not and I’m not talking about
episodes or or with Mark Hamill
and Carrie Fisher you know I’m not
talking about those episodes right the
the Star Wars and Return of the Jedi and
then the Empire Strikes Back right I’m
not talking about those ones I’m talking
about the first three actually and this
is this is a little interesting right
because the first three are considered
the a kind of you know for the people
who are Star Wars fans they kind of look
at those first three and they’re really
me you know that’s that’s kind of the
expression that you get out of out of
folks in that space right it’s not
really something to be
however what those movies impacted and
what they did was not insignificant and
so I’m grateful for episode two right
Attack of the Clones it was not the
greatest movie and I’m not saying it was
the greatest movie or what I am saying
is that between Episode one and Episode
two George Lucas looked at his
production process he looked at flow
towards business value feedback and
continuous learning we often talk about
that on this program right you looked at
flow feedback and continuous running and
noticed that one of his processes in
regards to flow was moving film right
into a digital medium so that way it
could be edited in a way that would
allow them to do the special effects
more cleanly and then he had to convert
it back into film and so between Episode
one and two after that process you know
kind of slowed down you know parts of
the production he looked at Sony he went
to Sony he said hey guys can you make
can you make a sensor that will work on
a camera that will allow us to just film
the next one
totally digitally and they did and sony
has gotten really good at making sensors
in camera my wife shoots with a
beautiful full-frame nikon d camera I
shoot with her old Nikon d and I
also shoot with another camera my sony
a Sony continues to make the sensors
for cameras in fact they are the largest
sensor maker for cameras for digital
cameras out of anyone in the world and
there’s a very good chance not even just
slightly but a very good chance that you
have been taking photos with one of the
Sony sensors the technology that they
developed because George Lucas said
between Episode one and two I’d like to
shoot this next one digitally and I’m
grateful for that and I think it’s
something people often overlook all
right now hang on we’re gonna get to
some other folks who are grateful for
other things I don’t have all of these
recorded yet at the time I’m recording
my voice today and so I’m going to be
just as surprised as I put this episode
together about what some of the things
that people have said and sent in to the
show again if you want to send something
into the show head on
a parking thought hit contribute to the
show and join us there hi my name is
Kieran I’m grateful for children who say
thank you and appreciate all the work
that volunteers do for their ski race
program and who actually physically say
thank you
it matters to me just because it takes a
lot of time to be a volunteer and I
don’t think they really recognize the
amount of time it takes to like drive to
meetings and show up and stand out here
for an hour and punch numbers in and the
fact that they recognize that and
they’re in six to eighth grade that’s
pretty awesome
hi I’m Lenny and I am thankful for
cattle because they are really fun to
work with and they make great hamburgers
this is Tina D Rienzo and what I am
grateful for is my health because
without that there’s so many things I
cannot do and all the money in the world
would not change that thank you
hi my name is Liz McLeod and I am
thankful for having the opportunity to
be able to change jobs anytime and my
career that I have I’ve recently have
went from one career to another and I
know in other countries they have
children and parents and such that don’t
have the opportunity or education to be
able to move on to a better job my name
is Natasha Albritton and I am grateful
for my health hi Jacob
what am i grateful for coffee not just
the coffee itself but the people behind
how I get my coffee from start to finish
from the person cultivating the ground
to the one picking the beans to
transporting that coffee to the
warehouse to the driver delivering the
coffee and to the person making the
coffee at the convenience store where I
walk in in the morning half groggy and
pour myself a cup of hot coffee
it’s people we tend to overlook and it’s
the people who are the most important
thing in the process Thank You coffee
delivery truck driver for doing what you
do so I can do what I need to do hi my
name is Sam Tibbs and I am so grateful
for a perfect song one that communicates
something that I’ve been through or
something that I know to be true it just
is really impressive to me when someone
can commit both words and music to
something that I have no idea how to do
hi I’m Gemma and I am very thankful for
my family
my nine kids Mike grandkids and my
five great grandkids and my husband well
I’m grateful for everyone who could
contribute to this episode of random
gratitude vol and let’s wrap this up
this is the part where I tell you that
the best way to say thank you for this
episode is to share it with someone you
know and I’ll let you decide who that is
if you’re joining us just for this
episode then we’re glad you can make it
and if you want to stick around for the
long haul then whatever podcast app you
you use stitcher Spotify YouTube Apple
podcast whatever it happens to be right
go ahead and hit the subscribe link
there you should be able to find us
right and if not head on over to parking
thought comm over on the website you’re
gonna see a subscribe link and we should
have some of those links for you there
if you liked what you heard you want to
contribute back to the show feel free to
hit that contribute to the show link
we’ve also created at parking calm and
we will read whatever it is that you’re
grateful for that you think others
overlook on the air alright lastly and
as always we like to finish each episode
with a challenge a challenge to remember
that in a world where you can literally
choose to be anything why not choose to
be grateful

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