Random Gratitude I 🧐 | 58

In this edition ask five people in my life to share something they’re grateful for. Responses vary and the perspectives are insightful. We can all see the world differently, and when we do we can easily find things that are good.

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
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my name is Jacob and I’m glad you’re
here today in this edition I’m actually
surrounded by a few good folks who I go
to church with and we are asking them
things about what they’re grateful for
so our question that we’re asking each
one of these guys is tell me something
you are grateful for that you think
other people overlooked and so first off
we’re gonna have Elder Riggs tell us and
so elder Riggs when you get on the
microphone tell us where you’re from
real quick and then what it is that
you’re grateful for other people
overlook hello I’m elder Riggs
I am from Queen Creek Arizona something
I’m grateful for that I think people
overlook is I’m grateful for people who
understand and to people roll up to a
four-way stop sign the person that is on
the right has the right away hey I’m
Lincoln Miller
I’m from Palmer Alaska and something I’m
grateful for is my hands in the
dexterity that I have to be able to use
them for playing an instrument so this
is Jacob again and I am grateful for the
cracks in the sidewalk not the little
ones that kind of show up because of the
weather but the big ones that we put in
there and the fact that you’ve got
somebody out there when they lay the
concrete who knows that distance those
are supposed to be
and they’ve mathematically calculated it
out so that way we don’t end up with
giant cracks on the sidewalk and the
fact that all this just kind of I just
concrete is a highly overlooked
construction element and I just think
it’s wonderful that we’ve got this
figured out so our concrete can last for
hundreds of years and we tend to walk by
a lot of things in the world that other
people don’t necessarily notice that
make our lives great
hi I’m Natalie crane and something I am
grateful for is the evolution of diapers
I am in the diaper phase with my kids
and I cannot even imagine how they did
cloth diapers I love the velcro I love
that it’s reusable and you can adjust it
if you need to if it falls down a little
bit it’s so easy to fix it and you do
not want a messy diaper leaking so I am
super grateful for that this is Spencer
I am so grateful that there are so many
different paint manufacturers there’s
bear there’s Valspar there’s Kelly more
there sherwin-williams and all of them
have the exact same paint color called
pure white however none of them are
exactly the same color as pure white
they’re for my wife we keep the paint
companies in business because we have to
buy one can of each one to find out
which one we think is pure white I take
a you asked me for a an answer to the
question what is something that I am
grateful for but that others don’t
necessarily see my answer would be the
thing I’m grateful for is the people
behind the food that we eat it has been
a large interest of mine for many years
and the basis of some photography
projects that I’ve done and many around
me are grateful for the same I’ve shared
lots of experiences with friends growing
food which really deepens a connection
to to food and health and all that but
it is true in my experience that most
that most people don’t have that same
close connection to the food they’re
eating to where that food is grown to
whether it’s healthful or not and so I
feel like if we could all be a bit more
mindful and a bit more grateful of those
things it might they might change us for
all the best
so there
so that’s it for this edition of parking
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