I'm Glad You're Here Today | 56

In this edition talk about why I open each episode with the phrase, I’m glad you’re here today. This phrase has deep meaning that traces back to my dealing with PTSD, suicidal tendencies, and struggling with my role a part of my family. Despite all fo the blessings that were easy to see, I struggled and felt that I heard a prompting from God that He was grateful for me being here. That was a turning point. In the interest of helping others through their turning points I open with this phrase.

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hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
everyday we’re gonna want to like and
subscribe wherever you happen to find
this my name is Jacob and I’m glad
you’re here today in this edition we’re
gonna be talking about I’m glad you’re
here today I know it sounds kind of
silly it’s a bit of a cheesy line but
it’s got a much deeper much much deeper
sort of meaning behind it and I think
I’ve might have told this story before
on another podcast I was interviewed on
but regardless I want to share with this
audience why I start off each episode
saying I’m glad you’re here today and
before we get into that let’s talk about
where I am because this is a parking
thought right I happen to be parked
inside of our vehicle this is the Ford
Focus and I’m sitting here I like this
car this has got its zippy
it’s got mm nice it’s got some good zip
to it goes fast anyway so I’m sitting
here we’re actually in the driveway just
got home from church it is raining
outside so you might hear a bit of rain
as we record this episode and I think
that that’s pretty neat and awesome as
well so let’s talk about why I’m
choosing to use this episode if you
haven’t noticed that one of the things
we’re trying new here is that on Mondays
right is essentially the episode of
whatever already happened to record on
Sunday and Sundays are a day for us
where we spend our time in church we try
to slow down our lives sometimes we’ll
have people over just to kind of you
know hang out and get to know them and
do what we call ministering ministering
isn’t a huge ginormous big deal it’s
just letting people know that they’re
loved and a valuable part of your life
so there’s not a whole lot of fancy
schmancy stuff going on but on Sundays
we do try to calm things down they get
to wear a shirt and tie today for those
you guys watching the video version on
YouTube shirt and tie today and I want
to talk about some of the things that
came from church now the side of your
cup of tea go ahead change change to
another podcast and thank you guys for
being here so far
but I want to talk to you a little bit
about you know we have our quorum right
we get together we’ve talked about
corners before we have a quorum that
gets together of our of the men’s group
and at church and we get to talk and
share some of the things we’ve learned
about and one of the questions today was
has anybody in the room felt that
they’ve heard the voice of God right
felt that they’ve heard their you know
the the spirit prompting them or the
voice of the Lord telling them to do
some things and it’s something and there
was one gentleman talked about an
experience that ultimately ended in him
meeting his wife there was another
gentleman that talked about how he was
working on a car and frustrated by a
part a problem that appeared as he was
working on the car that he couldn’t
solve and after about minutes he
decided to pray about it and then got
the exact right notion for how to do it
in his mind and and now if you’re not
religious it’s kind of easy to discount
this all right this is one of those
times where it’s really really
comforting like you’re not alone in some
of the feelings that you have and and in
feeling your heavenly father’s love for
you in your life and that’s really
important and cool and so so you know I
pointed out after this brother in a talk
and I pointed out that what was neat is
we had an experience that was
life-changing very pivotal meeting your
spouse we had an experience that was on
the scale of things pretty normal but
that according to those who were sharing
we had answers to prayers in both
instances right we had we had answers to
prayers we had a revelation right not
revelation for the whole world but
revelation in both instances as a reply
to that and that that says a lot about
the nature of of God right it says a lot
about the nature of our Heavenly Father
is not abandoning us and he’s answering
prayers and answers them a little
differently and sometimes the answer is
wait and sometimes it’s you know we get
answers much later or sometimes we just
need to exercise patience I’ve been
learning to be more open right with some
of the things that I’ve dealt with in
life you know typically we say oh that
private right and it is private right
it’s private it’s up to me whether or
not I choose to share some things that
are private right so I’ve shared with
this audience before that I’ve I’ve got
PTSD I did three deployments and I
didn’t see as much or do as much as
other people so on the comparative
spectrum of PTSD what I’m dealing with
or that triggers for what I’m dealing
with may be different than other people
but the way that they’ve impacted me may
be very much the same and so so it’s not
a it’s not a contest all well day comes
never really had to you know kill anyone
yeah okay got that right and that’s a
different experience to have to deal
with but that doesn’t negate some of the
things I have had to deal with and and
the consequences of that and one of the
consequences of that is the way I like
to describe this is like building
highways in your head right like when
you have a certain you know method of
thinking right you’re building out your
methodology of thinking what happens is
you’re building neural connections right
so I envision it this way this is not a
perfect way to describe it
but I envisioned it this way when you
have something like PTSD what you’ve
done is you’ve built some rather
destructive or inappropriate you know
connections that have become super
highways for your brain to travel down
and when you can’t find an exit for
those right or a healthy exit for them
it can get really really hard I have
spent years not being able to sleep
right and it’s not insomnia right it’s
literally like not being able to sleep I
spent a long time trying to avoid the
emotional rollercoaster that comes from
some of those traumatic experiences that
you have where you’ll go from a moment
where you’re perfectly happy and and and
my brain’s weird or maybe it’s just the
way we’re all wired but you’ll go from
happy to sad right on both extremes so
quickly that it just would hurt and be
painful so I would avoid happiness I
spent years avoiding happiness and with
four kids right in the lovely life and
neat dog and then the beagles here you
know but it was before the vehicle right
showed up you know with all of that it’s
you know you think I’d be okay right
because on the outside of oh they got
everything they’re doing great don’t to
church every Sunday they’ve got I have
to get paid well enough doesn’t have to
worry about a job you know all those
sorts of things you think I’d be doing
okay and the reality was far from like I
wouldn’t sleep I would be scared to go
to sleep because it’s one thing when I’m
awake and I came semi control I can kind
of tell myself I could coach myself to
to finish out the thought and let it go
someplace that’s healthy well it’s not
the same when you’re sleeping when
you’re sleeping you have the least
amount of control over where your
thoughts go and so I wouldn’t want to
sleep I would be scared to sleep and so
lack of sleep and dealing with the
issues and not really being able to deal
with them or have a conclusion for them
led me to be a highly unproductive
individual highly compromised person and
my family had to deal with that that was
hard I tell people now that if you’re
seeing somebody dealing with the moment
whether it’s triggered by PTSD or
something else just sit next to them
that has been the most helpful thing for
me is to just have somebody sit next to
me don’t need to say anything don’t need
Alice don’t break my concentration I
need to practice taking my thought from
where it’s at to his logical conclusion
or where my brain wants to take it and
then letting that finish I need to let
that process finish in order for me to
get through things when I would sleep I
wouldn’t be able to do that so I like to
describe it as I have these destructive
highways that when I have thoughts that
get on those highways it’s just I mean
it’s full force in it it hurts I was
driving home in this very car several
weeks in a row
thinking that you know maybe things
would be better if I wasn’t around and
you know my wife knew something was
wrong but I I would run through that
thought right what would happen if what
would happen if what would happen if you
know and what would happen if I I
decided to take a turn here and then not
not come home and
I really can’t believe I just said that
while it’s recording because I I’ve got
some family members that this is
probably gonna be shocking to at one
point in going through that thought
process I really believe I heard a voice
in my head say I’m glad you’re here
today I needed to hear that voice and I
I don’t think it was on whatever podcast
or radio or show I was listening to her
her song I was listening to well I think
it came from somewhere else I I think it
came from my Heavenly Father I believe
it did and because it felt like he was
glad that I was here I decided to stay
you know sometimes we don’t see the
value we add I I spent I recorded a lot
of things on this phone and creating
this podcast just there were throwaway
episodes before I give it an episode
number to try to figure out what to talk
oh and believe me I’ve seen that the
data right if I talked about you know
some sort of technology or something
that somebody’s like to Google there’d
probably be a lot more you know people
listening and watching but maybe it’s
okay that the there’s not a whole big
audience because you only need to hear
somebody say that you’re glad they’re
here when it’s meaningful I’ve got a
small audience you guys are a small
audience and I’m glad you’re here today
I start off every episode that way and I
don’t try to think about it because if I
think about it it’s hard to continue to
talk but I remember how important and
special it was for me when I was writing
out the intro and outro for this podcast
to think of what to say to let people
know that I’m grateful they’re here even
though we’ve never met we’ve never
talked right I’m still grateful you’re
here how can I do that and I felt
prompted to include the line I’m glad
you’re here today
and so when you hear me say that at the
beginning of each episode it’s a great
line but it means something a lot deeper
to me and again I don’t try to think
about it when I do my introductions
because of what it means to me I’m here
today I’ve gotten a lot healthier I’ve
made better choices because I felt like
I heard the voice of my Heavenly Father
in my head and I want to tell people
that because you can get yourself there
without having a named issue you’re
dealing with my issue as a name it’s
PTSD you can get yourself there in a lot
of ways and somebody’s gonna be glad
you’re here today I’m glad you’re here
today even if you’ve never heard this
podcast before I’m glad every person on
the earth is here today I can and that’s
why the last episode we did was about
political disagreements I don’t mind
that there are people that I disagree
with out there I’m glad they’re here I
want them to have a voice you’re special
you’re wonderful you add value please
stick around don’t give up whatever it
is you’re dealing with just don’t give
up on it and I hope and I pray that
you’ll have that moment where you can be
quiet enough to hear and to see the
people in your life and maybe a voice in
your head tell you that you’re glad
they’re glad you’re here today once I
heard that voice I could start seeing my
family be grateful for me being here and
that made a difference I can see a
community that I engaged with online
being grateful I was there then that
made a difference and slowly but surely
one day at a time
life’s gotten better and there’s so much
to be grateful for so I’ve told you guys
before my twitter feed is full of
positive people you know positive
experiences because that’s just what I’m
attracted to now and I can see it and
the world is a beautiful wonderful place
and it’s worth sticking around so
that was putting me a little more
vulnerable than I’m used to if you want
to leave a comment of support please
feel free to I I would ask you to be
kind if you want to leave a comment
about how I can improve or what you
might have suggested differently I’m not
sure if I’m quite ready for that yet
but I am ready to tell you that one of
the reasons why I do this podcast and
one of the reasons I start at the way I
do there’s an outro and let’s see if I
could do this without the script um well
that’s it for this episode we’re glad
you joined us today if you decided to
join just for this episode thank you
thank you for being here you don’t have
to stick around but if you wanted to
right you can find the SUBSCRIBE links
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grab the link for that episode and share
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best way to say thank you for this and
then finally if you want to look for us
on whatever your favorite podcast app is
we’re pretty much found everywhere at
parking thought right and you can visit
parking fat comm for those additional
subscribe links in a world where you can
choose to be anything why not choose to
be grateful

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