Reasonable Interview πŸŽ™ | 55

In this edition I talk about the most positive interview I’ve heard on the internet from two people with dramatically different views.’s Nick Gillespie sat down with Molly Jong-Fast to discuss political differences. The conversation was illuminating and highly enjoyable and I recommend everyone take the time to listen to how friends can disagree and still get along.

Listen to the interview here:


music by Dyalla Swain


hello and welcome to parking thought the
show where we highlight the good in the
world from the extraordinary to the
everyday you’re going to want to like
and subscribe wherever you happen to
find us
curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I am glad you are here today
in this edition we’re going to be
talking about an impressive interview
and before we do that I always like to
describe my surroundings give you a
picture of where I’m at right now so it
is early in the morning it’s about :
a.m. I’ve just finished a walk slash run
because I’m trying to be more active in
life I don’t know if I necessarily want
to call it being healthy cuz that’s a
different definition of my mind but I
want to be more active so I took the
dogs out for a walk slash run and got
you know a few hundred yards running in
which is good for me and I had to pull
the Beagle the whole way the Beagle was
not exactly excited about making it a
run now I’m currently recording this in
the closet of my daughter yes so I have
one I have two daughters actually the
oldest one just got her wisdom teeth out
that’s Eliza you’ve heard her before
you’ve also heard Michael right she’s
our youngest and Michael decided that
she would stay downstairs with her
sister who’s sleeping on the couch after
just having her wisdom teeth out one of
those kind of bonding opportunities I
don’t think it really makes too much of
a difference you know one way or the
other and if it’s what those sisters
want it to do then hey I’ll have at it
and let them so that leaves me with you
know a late long day yesterday wanting
to record an episode and get it out
there for everybody and so I decided to
to go for my walk slash run prioritize
my house first and then come upstairs
and be able to record this cause it’s a
little different it doesn’t have as many
clothes I mean a ten-year-old girl is
not as large as a year old man and so
therefore you know there’s less sound
absorbing stuff I’m not sure if the
audio quality will be up to encode
rossington Jo resident ins standard
right Jo is the editor for a lot of the
Jo and Dru or the editors for a lot of
the Jupiter Broadcasting podcasts which
I do enjoy listening to they’re more
tech oriented for those of you looking
tech oriented podcast those are great
ones too
we’re going to talk about another
podcast today actually though and that’s
the subject of this so one of the things
that you guys have all embraced is new
medium write in different forms and
podcasting really isn’t that new of a
medium it’s been around for over a
and it’s essentially nothing more than a
different time slot format and formula
for a lot of the talk radio that’s been
around for years I mean we’ve seen
whether you agree with his politics or
not you’ve got to admit that Rush
Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and you know
Sean Hannity and those guys have really
made a successful business out of
talking politics and so that format and
formula works really well for the in one
space but it also translates really well
there’s it’s a lot easier to share your
voice here and now on the internet and
podcasting is this wonderful thing first
podcast I ever started because I didn’t
have the ability to record a good mp
files was actually for a singer who had
released her songs as mps and I just
decided to tie them all together using a
podcast because then I could listen to
them on my ipod at the time now that our
devices have gotten a lot smaller that
would be a really ineffective way to
share that artists library unless it was
part of a format that included some sort
of voice and whatnot now one of the
things that’s been around for a long
time right is reason as a magazine
reason as an institution so the reason
foundation I think is what it’s called
produces a lot of digital media and they
produce a lot of print media at least
back in the day they did it started off
as a magazine and then has converted
over to a website and has you know a
couple of really neat podcasts to listen
to and one of the people who works for a
reason is a man by the name of Nick
Gillespie Nichol SP and Matt Welch one
of the other guys who works over at
reason have recorded or created excuse
me have created the most positive
political book I have ever read you know
one point in time is really into
politics I was on the the tail under
that I was on the execution end of
whatever the government decided to do I
was in the Army wearing uniform and so I
would study what our government was
doing and how it operated and how a
political spectrum worked I read a lot
of books that were terribly negative I
mean Ann Coulter
and you know Mark Levin had a lot of
things that were in there and it just I
never felt happier after reading those
books and then I read a book by Matt
Welch and Niska nickel SP called the
Declaration of Independence de NTS
independence was an independent people
independent thought independent thinking
independent who you are and I had
already come to the conclusion that you
know in the Army I was in a position of
authority I was a sergeant for a while
and I was an officer as well and I come
to the conclusion I could never make
somebody do a push-up
I couldn’t do it because I cannot
physically tell you know the muscles in
the body to contract in the right way to
form a push-up I could tell a soldier to
do a push-up and then they would choose
to get down on the front leg Lee Ross
position move and they would go ahead
and they would start doing their
push-ups right but I couldn’t make them
do it and what I found in Nicholas be
did not watch those book is the idea
that all of us are independent
individuals and how we work together and
how the government plays a role in that
in a way that really is positive I never
knew that Jimmy Carter should be one of
my heroes and and it was so amazing and
what these guys did is they gave credit
where credit was due and they criticized
where criticism was warranted and they
did it in a very polite way I walked
away finishing that book and just felt
like it was awesome and you know I
started following Nick Gillespie and
Matt Welch on you know Twitter or other
formats and and reading their work over
a reason calm and so most of my news
comes from the filter of reason and and
the reason being is because it generally
tends to be criticism critical of things
that we should be critical about and
positive about things that are positive
not everything is bad about Trump his
deregulation policies are good and I
don’t mean to saturate this with
politics but what I want to do is you
know if we were talking to people in
person and we were friends with them in
person we would probably highlight the
positive things that they do and that
they had because we want to maintain
that friendship but we don’t do that
online so much we don’t as a society I’m
sure this audience is really good at
that wherever they are and being the
same person they are in person as we are
elsewhere in society but but as general
the impression is that we don’t do that
as a society we’re more critical online
where we don’t have those relationships
and I found that the reporting for
reason is really more a two
to seeing the world and the good that’s
in it and so Nick Gillespie I wears a
leather jacket interview some amazing
people and I get to listen to him and
he’s got a podcast out now called the
reason interview and I’m gonna recommend
that instead of subscribing to this
podcast for this episode I’m gonna
recommend that you guys subscribe to
that one and in particular I want you to
listen to an interview right with Molly
young fast I think that’s how you
pronounce it and it pronounced wrong
like six times and you got it right
right at the end I think I’ve got it
right to you but Molly young young fast
is an entirely different political
perspective than Nick Gillespie I mean
the two of them you know are on opposite
ends around a lot of different things
and normally if you are watching some of
the traditional media if you are
watching this on the news it would be a
battle royale we’re gonna have this
person debate that person and instead in
that podcast format you’re listening to
two friends who disagree who can
articulate and share their ideas it is
the most respectful you know interview
disagreement conversation by people of
polar opposites I’ve ever listened to it
I’ve never listened to anybody who are
more polar opposites
be able to have a conversation and you
just find yourself smiling like like
you’re watching friends you know talk
about how they’re different but they
still care about one another and one of
the neat things about both of these
people is they are extremely articulate
they are very good at having formulated
their ideas and being able to share them
notice thoughtful about it right how
perfect not perfect but they’re very
thoughtful about it and the way that
they share it so you end up walking away
saying huh
we really can disagree you know the idea
of one party or another party really
just doesn’t seem to fit when you meet
people at least in the online space and
especially through that podcast when you
meet people like misko Nicholas B and
Molly Jong fast you they don’t fit into
a box you know they fit into the box of
being who they are and when I recognized
them for that man I can I can agree with
them on a lot of things Molly and I
don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of what
the government’s role is but we could
totally have that conversation because
of the type of person that she is she is
willing to get past that layer of group
identity and down to the individual
identity and so
his neck and it’s so refreshing to do
that and you know I don’t know if
there’s a great grand lesson in this
podcast I like to look at my life and
pull different things out of it and be
able to think that there’s a grand
lesson in all of the experiences I don’t
know how to articulate the one from here
and without it sounding so cliche I just
really appreciated listening to that
podcast this morning I was out walking
the dogs and I want to share that I want
other people to know that they can
disagree with others and here’s a great
really polar opposites around really
passionate subjects that you can use as
a reference in your life to realize like
huh they can really be okay if the other
person and I don’t see eye to eye you
know and I I always like that the
directional thing I do this with my boss
at work right he and I do not always
agree and we’ve just learned that that’s
fine we balance each other out as part
of our team right and one of the things
that’s good though is we directionally
agree we don’t always agree on the
details so we work on directionally
agreeing and then work out the details
to get there and it works really
positive and maybe maybe that’s a way
you can bring this into your life right
other than just the podcast is look to
be directionally oriented with people
recognize that for what it was and then
work out the details together I imagine
that if I plug nickel SP and Molly John
John fast in a room you know together
and locked him in I’d love to record it
too but if I lock them in a room you
know for four five hours a day right and
asked him to solve or come up with
solutions for X Y Z problem not only
would they be able to come up with
something they were directly aligned on
which is so amazing right but they’d
also come up with different aspects of
it that would help explain to other
people and I really oh my goodness the
example was incredible so I’ve got to
share it with you guys today and I’ll
tag Nick and and Molly on this one I’ve
posted on Twitter and I hope they
recognize this is a very very small very
humble podcast and but we I do like
creating it I’ve learned a lot from
creating it and I hope that the the
folks who do listen regularly because
there are a few of you guys out there
the folks who do we listen regularly
appreciate it too it’s been a lot of fun
to create it it’s been a lot of fun to
share my thoughts so so let’s wrap this
up this is the part where I tell you the
best way to say thank you for this
episode is to share it with somebody you
know absolutely serious about that and
they usually have a cliche about
subscribing and I tell you
parking thoughts a cop not going to do
it this time go subscribe to the recent
interview do not subscribe to this
podcast right first today go to
subscribe to the recent interview and
look up whatever molly’s young fast is
writing these days I think you’ll have a
better time with it and somebody will
show that another episode in the future
of this podcast with you and I’ll plug
it then right in the meantime go take a
listen to that interview the link is in
the show notes below I’m telling you
it’s thirty minutes of your time
you never you’re never gonna regret
spending right make quiet do it on the
commute listen to it understand that it
really is there these amazing people out
there in the space that you might not be
aware of and these two guys are just
absolutely great alright so then I
usually finish off the episode by saying
that we’re also on the youtubes to
yep again ignore all that go to reason
calm and then finally I finish every
episode by asking people to remember in
a world where you can literally choose
to be anything why not choose to be
grateful so thank you Molly thank you
Nick thank you
Matt Welch for for really adding a lot
of value to my life and showing me
examples of how to work with folks I am
very grateful for that and I’m gonna
choose to be grateful and I appreciate
the value you’ve added in my goals so
thank you all very much and that’s it
for this episode so I just finished
recording this episode and I do realize
that I need to jump in at some point my
audio file and warn you that the
interview that I’m recommending that you
go listen to has a great deal of
profanity now my perspective on
profanity is that I view it as a sign of
honesty which is why I don’t mind
recommending this however if by any
chance my parents have now subscribed to
my podcast and they hear me recommending
this they might think oh my goodness
I’ve run off the rails it’s not the case
I promise mom and dad I’m doing good I
just personally view profanity
differently after years in the
military I don’t choose to use it
but I don’t mind if other people do
because again I view it as a sign of
honesty so a warning if you’re gonna
listen to that episode is profanity in
there again if you view it as a sign of
honesty I think I think it’s a
tremendous interview and thank you guys
for letting me share bye

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