Avoiding Sunburn 😎 | 53

In this edition I talk about the invasion of Iraq and share a story you’ve likely never heard before. The story includes a valuable solution for avoiding sunburn without the use of sunscreen.

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my name is Jacob and I’m glad you’re
here today in this edition we’re gonna
be talking about Todd
yeah Todd Todd is this how does this guy
I used to work with Doc when we were in
the army and boy I’d love to interview
him man that guy’s got stories for days
and he always had a good one-liner this
is a short episode not because Todd is a
short person and not because he doesn’t
have a whole lot that he said that I
can’t share he has a lot of those things
but it’s just one of those days where
I’m not all the way put together didn’t
get enough sleep last night so I’m
producing it up so it’s a little more of
a challenge today but I want to keep it
up I do like talking to you folks and I
do like this story about Todd so the
scenario the scenario is this we’re in
Iraq we successfully invaded that
country we went up from Kuwait into Iraq
and we found ourselves going west of the
Tigris Euphrates and there’s a highway
up that direction you know we kept going
north and ended up an area called that
was affectionately named LS a dogwood
right LS a dogwood so LS a is a logistic
support area so this was a location that
was set up so that way they can move
containers around and give people
driving trucks an opportunity to crash
for the night those sorts of things so
it was a logistical support area and
again when you’re doing an invasion plan
you have to come up with names that
don’t exactly associate with normal
names around the place so they used
dogwood and there was a whole bunch of
different themes for the names when we
first invaded Iraq it’s kind of
interesting and then those names changed
and evolved over time you know I thought
it was interesting that you had a a camp
of victory and a victory base right now
one of the
was and they were both named victory
because the the unit that was in charge
of that overall strategy was known as v
core and v in roman numerals is the
letter v so they used V for victory base
and V for you know camp victory what
wasn’t quite one was in Iraq yeah I
don’t know it was I think it was a
marketing stunt to make sure people knew
who got there first and regardless of
that we’re in LS a dog would not in a
very exciting place there’s a couple
stories that happened here in one day
one day we were realizing because just
after the invasion there wasn’t a whole
lot justic says pre Amazon Prime and if
you were thinking that the military even
used Amazon Prime you would be grossly
mistaken getting things was
extraordinarily difficult especially
during those first few months into the
war and you know we didn’t have a whole
lot and it started getting sunny a lot
you know we showed up there in March
March the weather’s pretty warm but it
definitely gets warm by the time you get
to April May and June so we must have
been in May or June timeframe because I
remember it took us a long time to get
up to LS a dog what a couple of weeks at
least and at least it felt that way and
so we could have tell us a dog would and
we’re there and somebody’s noticing that
they’re starting to get sunburned and so
you know we have our morning meetings
and our evening meetings that shift
changed and somebody says hey you need
to watch out for sunburn somebody says
well how am I supposed to watch out for
sunburn if you don’t provide me with
sunscreen and Todd just I mean like
deadpan face looks him in the eye and
says well one way to avoid sunburn is
just stay in your sleeping bag and he
was dead serious
it just it gave that dead serious look
like you know quit whining kid you’re at
war you know and I don’t think that went
over well no we didn’t actually have
anybody try staying in their sleeping
bag because remember the temperatures
are cruising up north of a hundred
easily during the day at that time and
so it wasn’t just the the Sun that was
dealing with us but it was also the heat
there were a lot of parts of that
deployment that we’re just really
climate izing to the environment and
being away and being around the same
people all the time
I remember those we were driving north
as part of the invasion we stopped for
two or three days at some just random
spot in the desert and you know we’re
eating MREs and wearing the same clothes
we’ve worn for the last several weeks we
had to wear our chemical clothing one
guy one guy got to the point where
somebody else had promised him he swears
that the other guy promised him the
skittles if he got skittles in the MRE
meal and that the other guy that you
know he thought promised him got
skittles and he said hey those are mine
the conversation was not remembered but
fists were quickly you know used to help
help people jog their memory so I’ve
seen grown men fight over skittles right
and I can tell you what it’s like to
wear the same pair of clothes for a
month and I can tell you that you meet
some characters in life whether you want
to or not so as I’m sleepy and tired and
probably shouldn’t even be recording an
episode I figure I’d remind you or tell
you about Todd Park Todd I want to share
his last name because I don’t know where
he’s at what circle he’s in and whether
or not people might be listening but
deadpan looked at folks and said hey if
you want to avoid sunscreen just just
wear your sleeping bag all day what have
made you totally combat effective
ineffective but it was a great one-liner
he delivered it so well and it’s been
we’re getting plus years since that
happened and I still remember those
moments there’s a lot of moments I
remember maybe maybe you guys would like
to hear more of them you know and if you
would why don’t why don’t you leave a
comment for me you can reach out to me
on Twitter you leave a comment below
wherever you happen to find this but if
you’d like to hear more of those stories
about what it was like to go across the
border into from Iraq or from Kuwait
into Iraq and deal with those things I’m
wondering if that’s worth sharing with
you guys there’s a lot in the world to
be grateful for and sometimes it happens
when you don’t have things when you
don’t have sunscreen available to you
and you don’t even have lettuce
yes there’s a story about lettuce but
I’ll look for a comment see if anybody
wants me to tell the story about lettuce
later in the meantime if you’re one of
those places that sunny and you’d like
to avoid sunburn feel free to wear yours
bag well let’s wrap up this episode this
is the part where I tell you that the
best way to say thank you for this
episode is to share it with someone you
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publishing the Vimeo for those of you
guys that are in that space we’ll get
that figured out next week but it’s on
the radar and at the end of every
episode because there’s a great big
world out there with lots of wonderful
things I like to say that remember in a
world where you can choose to be
anything why not choose to be grateful

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