Job's Eternal Families | 51

In this edition we talk about the book of Job in the Old Testament. This book is unique in that it teaches us great lessons for how to deal with challenges in our lives including the challenge of losing loved ones.


music by Dyalla Swain


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curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today in
this edition we’re gonna be talking
about job the book of Job in the Old
Testament it’s a unique book and I found
something in there that is rather worth
sharing you see in previous editions of
this of this podcast we’ve talked about
and actually our last episode was on how
the communities that we’ve chosen to be
a part of allow us to be interconnected
and make life enjoyable so what are the
communities I’ve chosen is a consequence
of how I choose to worship God now as
I’ve mentioned before when I brought
religion into this program we can
disagree and that’s perfectly fine and
you’re welcome to skip this episode and
go to another one if you like I think
though that you might want to stick
around because although I’m going to use
a religious text I’m going to explain
something that is inherently universal
to all of us and I think in various ways
you may really appreciate this a job
teaches us of something about the number
the nature of families and it does what
the with numbers and all you have to do
to find it is to multiply by two so as
long as your math skills are capable of
understanding multiplying by two we can
dive into this and learn something
that’s really fun so my experience is
unique in general when it comes to
religion and I think all of ours is our
differences we could focus on them but I
don’t think it’s gonna make us really
any happier right so let’s look at the
similarities and one of the similarities
among the Abrahamic religious texts is
the book of Job and it’s pretty cool so
when I talk about the Abrahamic
religions I’m referring to those
religions who claim that one of their
prophets was Abraham so this includes
Judaism right and this
include Christianity and this also
includes Islam and I find that a little
interesting because Islam is not one of
the religions I tend to go through for
inspiration and text but I think that
there’s some insight here and some
similarities that we can really leverage
as we look at this now we’re going to
talk about the book of Job and I’m going
to summarize this job is chapters in
the King James Version of the Bible and
that’s the text I’ll be reading from
here in just a minute but it’s
chapters long in the King James Version
of the Bible and and the King James
Version is very similar to what we have
in the Jewish tradition as well and so
those are kind of harmonious they’re
really essentially the same text just
different translations depending on
whether you’re using the King James or
more of a modern translation and so for
our purposes today we’ll use the King
James text and have that be where we get
our source from now the Quran though is
inherently different right so the Quran
is a religious text and if I’ve got this
wrong please leave a comment because my
knowledge of Islam and the Quran is not
perfect but from what I understand the
Quran is a religious text was dictated
by the Prophet Muhammad to some of his
scribes and was able to be written down
and is the religious and functioning
text for those practicing Islam and one
of the things that does in there is it
ties back back to Abraham and it does
this through several prophets one of
those prophets that it mentions is job
now job’s story again will primarily
take this from the King James Version of
the Bible
job story starts off by describing job
as a righteous man who had a very great
household and calling it a very great
household is good but the book goes a
little further and the text goes further
as well in the Quran and describes that
household differently right or it
describes it’s how the household in more
detail we get more of that detail out of
the King James Version so let me go
ahead and I’m going to read here and it
talks about there was a man in the land
of Koos whose name was job and that man
was perfect and up
and one that feared God and eschewed
evil and there were born unto him seven
sons and three daughters his substance
also was seven thousand sheep and three
thousand camels and five hundred yoke of
oxen and five hundred she asses and a
very great household so that this man
was the greatest of all the men in the
east now it’s interesting here that we
get the numbers associated with this
remember I’m gonna ask you to multiply
by two here in just a few minutes right
so we get the numbers of his household
seven sons and three daughters seven
thousand sheep three thousand camels
five hundred yoke of oxen five hundred
she houses in a very great household so
he was the greatest man in all the East
that sounds pretty cool all right so
we’ve got these numbers now what happens
to job in his life is he ends up losing
everything the sons and daughters were
gathered together for what we would call
today a bit of a family reunion right
some sort of a holiday or function where
they were getting together and a great
world one comes and knocks down the
house and kills them all seven sons and
three daughters all of this posterity
were lost now thieves and other things
came took away all of his sheep and his
oxen and his camels and as she asses all
gone and so job was left with nothing
and then his health was gone he ended up
with a disease that caused boils to grow
all over his body
now we’ve probably all had a pimple or
an ingrown hair you know that caused us
a great deal of discomfort but imagine
not covering your body now so job would
from having a family and a great
household and being respected lost his
kids lost his property lost his health
his wife left and even furthering that
job’s friends looked at what was
happening to him in his life and did
what any good person would at that time
and they said job you must have done
something wrong why don’t you curse God
and die because he looked like he was
that miserable they thought it was a
curse from God that he should go through
those trials and those difficulties the
loss of his family the loss of his sons
the loss of his helpful
as property they felt that there was
nothing for job to live for and that he
should simply curse God and die no that
doesn’t really sound like a positive
encouraging message from friends but the
book of Job teaches us something and it
does it very beautifully job doesn’t end
the way it starts well maybe that’s not
it ends better than the way it starts
and I’m gonna skip ahead
chapters chapters of Job going
through this eternal internal struggle
of rectifying his life with God’s will
and it’s really beautiful how it comes
about until we get to job chapter
verse and I have this one memorized
but I will read it to make sure I’m
accurate and it says and the Lord turned
the captivity of Job when he prayed for
his friends also the Lord gave job twice
as much as he had before those two parts
in there the Lord turned the captivity
of Job when he prayed for his friends
now I love this scripture I absolutely
love this scripture and I love it
because when I would see people having
difficult days in the military where we
would be away from home and we’d be in
Iraq or Afghanistan
and we would have those times where were
chest lonely we’re just having it that
you know everything felt like it was
weighing down on us nothing was familiar
in life just generally would suck right
I would pull out job and I talked about
all the things that he went through and
I said look here that look look here
that what turned his life around was
when he prayed for his friends thinking
of others and if we can think of others
our lives can turn around too and it
generally would work if you take the
time to think of others I will bet you
that you will probably think less of
yourself not less of yourself as a
person but less about what you are going
through and more about how you can make
the world better we live inherently
interconnected lives we are parts of
great networks and we don’t always see
the people in those networks every day
there’s a young man who had helped with
his resume and a few other things and he
is working through a stage of his
where he’s determining how resilient he
is against life’s challenges and I am so
grateful I get to be one of the
cheerleaders in his life but I don’t see
him every day I didn’t see him every day
when he was living here and I was living
about four and a half hours away and so
we do that encouraging you know over
text messages that’s an easy visible
example of a network that we’re a part
of but we’re a part of a lot of other
networks as well being positive and
looking to help others
can always take us from whatever we’re
dealing with to being able to be happier
now now I’m gonna ask you to do some
math all right so the second part of job
chapter verse right the second
part of that verse says also right so
just casually mentioned this also the
Lord blessed job with twice as much as
he had before and so let’s listen to
what he had before he had seven sons and
three daughters he had three thousand
sheep right he had her excuse me he had
seven sons and three domina go back to
it oh and I lost my spot there we go
again seven sons and three daughters
, sheep so if we were to multiply
seven thousand sheep by two we get
fourteen thousand we’ll find it here in
just a second
seven thousand sheep three thousand
camels so we should expect six thousand
camels five hundred yoke of oxen we
should expect a thousand yoke of oxen
five hundred she asses right so we
should expect a thousand she asses if
truly job ten is correct and the Lord
blesses Joe but twice as much as had
before we should have all those numbers
doubled and thankfully the book of Job
does give us the list of his household
now watch we expect to have fourteen
sons and six daughters right and then
those other numbers for the sheep camel
and other things right so now the load
Lord bless the letter alpha jovem in
Lord bless the latter end of job more
than his beginning and he had ,
sheep that sounds right we had , in
the gang , camels that sounds right
we had and b-gaming and a thousand
yoke of oxen and a thousand she asses
and we had of each of those in the
beginning so the math is good so far
we’ve multiplied by two good job
everybody we’re doing it right until we
get to verse and then something
the math is broken and the math is
broken right because we’ve listed the
rest of his household but we haven’t
listed his kids right so at the
beginning at seven sons and three
daughters at the end he should have
sons and six daughters right but in
verse or excuse me verse we read
and he also had seven sons and three
daughters the math is broken if we were
to take and multiply by two we should
have if we were to take three and
multiply by two we should have six right
but here even though all the other
numbers match for all of the rest of his
household we have a mismatch we have a
wonderfully important mismatch where if
we were to multiply by two we should
have a different number here in the
scriptures so we can conclude from this
that the Bible is inherently wrong and
worth throwing away and not worth
reading or there’s another answer or
there’s another way to find out whether
or not this is true how could this
possibly be true how could it possibly
be that the Lord has doubled his
household and doubled his number of
children if he only is blessed with
seven more sons and three more daughter
verse seven yeah seven more sons and
three daughters three more daughters
how can it be Haran Lee true and I would
pose this question again when we were in
Iraq and Afghanistan and we were dealing
with the loss of somebody we cared about
and it wasn’t always you know that
scenario where you lose somebody on the
team in fact I was very blessed that I
didn’t lose people on my direct teams
but we would go to memorial services for
other teams that did lose somebody and
that was hard but it was also hard to be
where we were at and then have somebody
being lost from a family back home you
can take a soldier and have them
deployed when Grandma dies they don’t
get to go home to see grandma and say
goodbye they don’t get that opportunity
and so they have to learn to grieve
while they are away from home and here
job has an answer seven sons and three
daughters at the beginning seven sons
and three daughters at the end the Lord
did not need to bless job with kids
at the end sons and six daughters
because he remained true and faithful to
his beliefs because he worked through
that process of reconciling and
repenting with God he wrestled through
that process
through his trials he kept his promises
his original seven sons and six
daughters were still his they just
weren’t there on the earth anymore so in
order to double his household all the
Lord had to do is bless him with an
additional seven sons and six her and
seven sons and three daughters he didn’t
have to bless him with double he only
had to increase what he already had the
family unit according to the book of Job
and using math and not very complex math
we only have to multiply by two but our
family units are designed to live beyond
this life and job shows us that job also
shows us something else too and this is
pretty neat and one of the things that
shows here is we actually get the names
of his daughters now because of the
patriarchal nature of Jewish society
right and the patriarchal nature of the
priesthood in history we don’t often see
the names of women in the scriptures and
that’s not designed to be rude right
that is just the nature of the way that
our record has been passed down to us
but however in this book which is so
short about so many other things we get
the names of his daughters he names one
Jemima he names one keziah and he names
the last one Karen Havoc and each of
these calls back to that repentance
process and that wrestling he did with
God in a very very beautiful way Jemima
and the ancient language this is
translated from is loosely translated as
a dove this refers back to Noah and the
peace that comes from having a soul that
is reconciled with God that peace that
is knowing like the promise after the
flood that everything can be okay and
move its way forward what a beautiful
name to name one of your daughters right
after having gone through these trials
and next is keziah
because the highe refers to and I love
the way it does this it refers to a very
precious incense often used in rituals
right in the tabernacle you know if
we’re talking about
this time and in the temple of Solomon
Kezia right and the idea of incense
incense was a way of seeing and
visualizing the idea of your prayers
reaching up and sweetly
you know smelling and adding fragrance
as they reach towards the heavens
towards God what a beautiful way to talk
about the repentance process those
prayers of wrestling those prayers of
reconciliation reaching up towards God
and then lastly and this is my favorite
Karin havoc not necessarily the most
beautiful name that we might hear today
Karin havoc is not exactly common Karin
is but happing is not and what this
refers to anciently is it refers to a
horn of beauty or a horn that when
hollowed out would hold cream or other
items that would be beautiful now the
horn a ram’s horn in general is very
symbolic in the ancient cultures it
represents earthly power so when you
read about horns on animals and the book
of Revelation those are often symbolic
of the earthly power that’s there
animals with horns had power and they
were great and they were mighty but when
you hollowed out that earthly power you
can have a space for something beautiful
and that is what Karen havoc means it’s
the idea that when you hollow out who
you think you are and learn to become
who God sees you as you can be something
come something greater than yourself
Jobe is so rich we’ve only looked at so
far the first chapter in the last
chapter and only just a few verses and
in those few verses we can see something
that is beautiful that lets us know how
important we are and gives us answers
when we are missing a lost one or a
friend or loved one or a friend gives us
answers when we have trials when we want
a way to make ourselves feel better
getting out of it
think of others and job tells us
something about how beautiful the
repentance or reconciliation process is
with God the peace that comes like a
dove the sweet smell of our prayers
right reaching up towards the heaven and
the beauty that comes from hollowing out
who we
we should be our earthly power in a
hurry ego to become and give the Lord
opportunity to fill us into who he sees
us as now today in preparation for this
episode actually pulled out the Quran a
rough translation I’m sure because I
don’t speak Arabic and and truly the
Quran is one of those books where a
disciplined person in Islam as I
understand it would only read it in
Arabic so this might be offensive to
some of the audience to read this
translation that I was able to find
online but listen to this regardless of
the tradition it refers to job’s great
household and being blessed with twice
as much as he had before and I found
this fascinating so this is from the
Quran verses through and it
says commemorates our servant job behold
he cried to his Lord the evil one has
afflicted me with distress and suffering
the command was given strike thy foot
here is water wherein to wash cool and
refreshing and water to drink and we
gave him back his people and doubled
their number as a grace from ourselves
and a thing for commemoration for all
who have understanding and now I find it
interesting here that although the
tradition about job’s reconciliation is
significantly different right the idea
of his household being doubled doubled
is still there
doubled seven sons three daughters
sons at the end six daughters at the end
because job still had as children that
were no longer on the earth with him
because he remained true and faithful to
his promises to God and so I hope that
you guys and this is a long episode for
this podcast can remain true and
faithful to your beliefs as well hold
fast to them and be measured against
them and remember that the family that
you are a part of and that very
important unit that you’re connected to
is designed not for just this life but
for the life after this one and that
is amazing worth celebrating worth
recognizing and we’re sharing today with
you guys
thank you for listening so let’s wrap
this up this is the part where I tell
you that the best way to say thank you
for this episode is to share it with
someone you know I’ll let you decide who
that is
maybe somebody going through a loss and
you want to let them know that job talks
about families being together forever or
maybe somebody you just want to say hey
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anything well why not choose to be

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