The Communities We Choose 🏙 | 50

In this edition we talk about what makes us attracted to the communities we choose. I mention the community that’s helped me in my life and how another podcaster Rocco, serves as the inspiration for this topic Rocco’s Podcast & Shows:


music by Dyalla Swain


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curiosity meet gratitude
my name is Jacob and I’m glad you’re
here today in this edition we’re going
to be talking about the communities that
we belong to but first I want to
describe my surroundings I want to get
better at being able to paint a picture
using adjectives and words that help
people understand kind of the world that
we live in I think it’ll help me be a
better communicator and I think it ties
into our subject today so I’ve just
finished driving into downtown Boise
Idaho if you haven’t been here it’s
beautiful and it’s not beautiful because
we have a particular blend of you know
substances that make up our asphalt or
that even the parking lot that I park in
is is gravel and it’s got some patches
of snow and slickness on there from a
recent storm that we had there’s no
whole lot of sunlight right now the Sun
hasn’t even peeked up over the mountains
just off to the side the mountains are
covered in snow because again we just
had a storm and so tomorrow morning
about this time I’ll be up on top of
that mountain so that way my son can go
and do skiing because he likes to ski
not something I’m a fan of there’s
something about having the ground move
underneath you on skis that kind of
scares me so maybe one of these days
I’ll get over that my son really wants
me to but in the meantime I’m I enjoy
being up there working on my college
work on Saturday mornings just off to my
right hand side is a building that looks
mostly like a parking lot
it’s called the jump building it’s it
refers to Jack’s urban market meeting
place in downtown Boise and it’s got a
six story slide or five story slide on
the outside of it which is just rather
amazing we always thought the slides at
school were pretty big when we were
little and
this building seems to be the sort of
thing where it seems like a bunch of
people who were once little grew up Kate
kept their passions and then did
something neat with it in July the
building actually gets taken over by a
giant octopus they have a giant
inflatable octopus that comes out of
that building and it’s neat to see in
October there was a giant spider sitting
in front of it but the neatest thing
about living here in Boise Idaho I know
the town’s small it’s a bit out of the
way it’s not the sort of thing not the
sort of place you’re going to come to
you know without having some other
reason but but when people come here
they stay and the reason why they stay
is because they meet the people there
will be some interaction driving or
otherwise where they meet the people in
some sort of capacity and they say these
are the sort of people I want to be
around and then something will happen in
their life and their finances will get
adjusted London moving here the area is
growing now I’ve only been here three
years and there is a bit of a pecking
order for how long have you lived here
going on when you talk and you meet
people but it’s a good place to live and
they’re generally really accommodating
somebody I met recently or worked with
recently it just moved from San Diego
California up here and she was talking
about how you know in California you get
to a four-way stop and whoever can will
just go you know take it upon themselves
to go through the intersection pretty
quick she said here you get to a
four-way stop and everybody’s waving the
other guy on you know are through the
intersection and and that’s pretty much
true it actually they can be kind of
annoying with people being that
courteous Boise has a reputation for
having some really great friendly people
and that reputation is largely true
they’re motivated by different things
but they’re kind now for those of you
that have been listening for a while you
guys know that I’m a member of the
Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day
saints and you might have heard of us as
Mormons right but typically we’re
members of the Church of Jesus Christ of
latter-day saints and and members of our
religion helped to settle the western
states you
ha has a reputation for being you know a
high percentage of the population being
a member of that church Boise has about
% this valley the Treasure Valley is
what it’s called has about percent of
its people are members of the Church of
Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and
the way I describe it is you wouldn’t
know and the reason why you wouldn’t
know is because it seems to be everybody
is living their religion in a way that
makes it really wonderful to work
together live together and be together
and be a part of a community and it’s
really kind of neat that you know that’s
the thing and even if they aren’t
religious courtesy and kindness and and
being welcoming to others is all part of
the DNA of those who’ve chosen to live
here Boise’s got some great amenities
again six story slides open on Thursday
afternoons the place I work for it gives
away free french fries in July usually
the weekend or the Friday after the
fourth of July they do a free Friday and
give away french fries there’s lots of
events that will happen downtown we’re
just big enough that when a band goes on
tour there’s a good chance if not every
year every other year they’ll stop by
Boise Idaho now we talk about Boise and
Boise is one of the towns in this valley
but it’s really the whole valley we’ve
got a city named Caldwell city named
Napa sitting a Meridian I like the name
Meridian because it refers to you
compass and and you know sort of
surveying equipment and I’ve got some
background in the military doing a
little bit of that and so it reminds me
that you know and the main street of
that town always points due north and
that’s pretty neat to have some place
that will mathematically do that the
streets are generally laid out in a grid
square not just in Boise but across the
whole Treasure Valley means you have to
go up and left and that sort of thing
but it generally works out pretty well
to be able to easily find where you are
and know where you’re going
this is probably the best community for
me to do some of my healing after being
in the military and working through some
of the consequences of having PTSD and
the issues that have got and you know I
I can’t say enough about all the people
who are a part of that community now
that’s the people who are here but you
don’t have to be physically present to
be a part of communities anymore lots of
us participate in communities online in
fact some of our families are more
virtual than physical
you know I connect with cousins who I
won’t see for years at a time but I can
connect with them you know through the
internet we talk about you know our
grandma Wilma Hill and the impact that
she made in our lives and always being
grandma when she was getting older
decided to move from California because
most of her children weren’t there and
moved to Provo Utah where she would be
close to any of her grandchildren that
would be going to Brigham Young
University and it turns out several of
her grandchildren did go and so she
would be able to listen to what was
going on in their lives and have him
over for dinner and really stay
connected with them as you know she
lived out the last years of her life
and it was wonderful to have her be a
part of that now some of us beyond our
families connect to digital communities
otherwise I listen to a lot of podcasts
and I listen to them because it’s a
great medium to learn something new
what’s interesting about that is I
listen to them in the car when I travel
so it feels like you know your it feels
like that are part of my commute like
they’re sitting in the seat next to me
and this goes back to how our brains
don’t always know the difference between
a constructed reality and a real reality
we have to make a conscious effort to
remember between the two and so this
morning I was listening to the host of a
podcast called Linux spotlight and and
Linux spotlight is run by a guy named
sure he’s got a last name too but we’ll
just use Rocco for now and one of the
things that he says when he interviews
his his folks who are also passionate
about Linux he interviews them and he
talks about how the best part of the
Linux community is the people now that
doesn’t mean everybody is as nice as all
of the people in Boise there are a few
you know with rough edges but in general
the best part of that community is the
people and so he’ll do hour-long hour
and a half long two-hour long interviews
and it’s not all about the technology
it’s about who the people are that run
it and what interests them in making the
choice to be able to do something
different to be expressive in a
different way with their devices and
their computers and and Rocco I’ve never
met him in person but last week he
hosted a live show and he does this
every Saturday and I was able to jump on
I was I was probably the worst person to
be on I couldn’t dedicate time to the
show I had to you know put it was it was
that time of the week where I put away
my clothes in the closet and got a few
things organized around the house and
the Internet’s bad in the closet and a
few other hey just but when he noticed I
was on he he gave me a shout out and
said hey who you know tell us a little
bit about you aren’t you so-and-so blah
blah boy did that feel really welcoming
boy that was really great now we’ve
talked before a few weeks ago about El
Marquez and the hashtag it’s okay to be
new then for those of you that didn’t
listen that episode it’s okay to be new
as a philosophy in two parts one you
should be trying something new you
should be getting more comfortable being
uncomfortable as you’re learning
something and dealing with the
frustration that comes with it learning
and a failure are closely tied together
we fail at most things before we learn
them and so we need to be comfortable in
that that situation the other part of
that is if you are comfortable where
you’re at then maybe it’s time to try
something new try something that reminds
you of what it’s like to be frustrated
and reminds you of what it’s like to
have to go through the process of
discovering something new and
learning and making it a part of you you
know when we do that it’s okay to be new
philosophy we bring people in and we
bring ourselves into being kinder about
how we learn something and there are
people who have a natural gift at this
and well natural or they’ve learned it
but Rocco was one of them
the way it felt when he said hey tell us
a little bit about yourself you know on
a live linux show that you know that’s
seen by hundreds of hundreds of people
if not more you know tell us a little
bit about yourself Wow I mean what a
great invitation to a community that was
already awesome and he felt that I would
be a welcome part of that so I want to
record this episode with the idea that
if we take a minute to recognize who we
are and if we can remember to be humble
let’s welcome other people into our
lives and our communities and I’d love
to hear more from you guys about what
communities you’re a part of that you
choose to be a part of that you really
enjoy my children are all part of the
communities they have at their
government schools right and those
communities are mixed and have mixed
experiences and I hear a lot of
complaining from my children about
various people in those communities but
the communities we choose to join what
made us attract it to them why do we
like them and like Rocco to me the
communities that I choose to join the
predominant feature and theme and all of
that is the people I hope I’m one of
those people that’s welcoming in a part
of those communities and I hope that you
guys are too for whatever passion and
community you have so that’s a good
challenge to have a good way to end this
week and in this podcast let’s wrap this
this is the part where I tell you that
the best way you can say thank you for
this episode is to share it with
somebody you know
if you’re just joining us for this
episode then we’re glad you can make it
it’s the way podcasting works you don’t
have to stick around the whole time pick
the topics you want to listen to and if
you plan on joining us for the long haul
I’d like to remind you that the
SUBSCRIBE links can be found over at
parking thought comm you can also look
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you want to hit those subscribe links
that are there and this will be
delivered directly to your favorite
device at the end of every episode I
like to remind the audience and I do
love you guys that remember in a world
where you can choose to be anything why
not choose to be grateful

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