Phineas & Ferb & Michael | 49

In this edition Michael joins me and we practice talking to a microphone. For our subject we talk about Phineas and Ferb and excellent TV show with interesting characters


music by Dyalla Swain


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curiosity me gratitude my name is Jacob
and I’m glad you’re here today
in this edition we’ve brought Michael
and she’s gonna be talking to us about
what’s our topic today Michael you
Phineas and Ferb oh so what is Phineas
and Ferb is it a cookie or something you
heat or is it a restaurant
what is phineas and ferb show it’s a
show okay so what type of show is it is
it a live action show does it have a
handsome dude is the main character who
looks like me what’s what’s going on
here it’s kind of like a fantasy fantasy
right okay but we got to help our
audience who may have never heard of
Phineas and Ferb right we’ve got to help
them understand like is it a live-action
with real actors or is it drama is it a
cartoon it’s kind of like a cartoon it’s
got a cartoon okay it’s a cartoon right
and what is the opening theme song the
theme song do you know it Phineas and
Ferb awake it’s like a flashback of what
they have done over the summer and then
at the end Kansas
Candace Candace it yells mom Phineas and
Ferb are making a title sequence right
so the premise of the show is that these
two brothers right
how are gonna do something each day of
summer and the way the show works is
they have a ridiculously like like if
you were to dial up your regular life
right your real life is like a three
okay and I’m Phineas and Ferb what they
do is they take the ideas that you and I
might have and they dial it up from like
a three to like a right so what are
some of the things that they’ve done on
their summer vacation right they’ve gone
the moon and made ice cream in the moon
and a pathway it tasted better than
regular ice cream ha ha
and then what about rollercoaster they
built the giant roller coaster in one
Episode monster trucks we saw that up
what’s one of the other ones they’ve
done there’s all kinds of things then
people can just try to catch it with her
friend cuz she always wants to tell her
mom about what they’ve done because she
wants to get them in trouble right and
sir one of the things that you might not
have noticed is that episode plays on a
lot of the shark movie jokes right so
there’s a lot of jokes that refer to
Jaws have you seen jaws yet right it’s a
pretty scary movie right so VI pokes fun
at jaws and they do that they do these
all spoofs and things on lots of
different movies now what does phineas
and Ferb’s pet do you remember what this
their pet platypus okay so what is a
proud of us platypus is like in the show
it’s green and then it has like a really
weird tail and then yeah right so a
platypus is a real animal yeah that
lives in Australia somewhere right
Australia Tasmania it’s got a beaver
tail it’s got a duck bill it’s a mammal
right which means it’s from the same
family that you and I are from however
it also lays eggs it’s the only mammal
to lay eggs for having its kids now in
the TV show the platypus is their pet
isn’t just a regular platypus right
mm-hmm okay
like aspire eight well there’s this guy
named Doofenshmirtz and he tries to make
it’s always like something and it’s a
nature and I fini I meant no the
Perry the Platypus has to try to like
stop him because he’s a secret agent or
something like that he always wears a
hat while he’s on his mission right so
he wears a fedora right because that’s a
cool looking hat right and then dr.
Doofenshmirtz is always coming up with
some scheme to take over the tri-state
area right and so he he comes up with
some sort of scheme that usually
involves some machine and the latter
part of the machines name is always
inator right like it’s a it’s a golf
ball thrower inator right or something
like that right it’s it just depends
each episode is different so you really
have two stories going on at the same
time right you have phineas and Ferb’s
story about them building something and
then you have well three stories where
you finish and Ferb’s worry about them
building something you have Perry the
platypuses story about stopping the bad
guy and then you have Candace’s story
where she’s trying to get her mom’s
attention on what the brothers are doing
right because a roller coaster that
fills up the entire city being both in a
day or the lemonade stand or the
oh my favorite was the one hit wonder
right so Phineas and Ferb wanted to
become a one-hit wonder and so in the
the show incorporates a lot of good
music right that guys the guys who built
the show are very musically inclined and
so they become this one-hit-wonder band
and then they get called them to some
music executives office and they’re like
we’re gonna offer you a contract to do
that’s more songs and phineas and is
like no we are a one-hit wonder we have
principles we have principle it’s so
funny I’m not doing it justice but it’s
a lot of fun alright so there’s always
three stories going on in every episode
now is this a sort of show you can watch
with parents and kids what age of kids
would probably like this show I would
say anybody well I mean like sometimes
it’s really funny and
so basically I think like most of the
ages could watch it because it’s not an
appropiate anything right so my mom even
likes the show I mean shit’s not what
she picks when she gets to turn on the
television you know when dad’s gone so
my mom even likes the show especially
the music stuff where they got the band
back together right that was a fun one
and so there’s a lot of neat things in
there now and those podcasts that your
your mom today right so in this podcast
we talk about things that are good in
the world why is Phineas and Ferb good
what’s good about it no no it’s good
about it does it help your imagination
yeah yeah is that a good thing right and
so it kind of encourages the idea of
whatever you can think of you can do
right and so I think that’s a good
lesson for us to share with the audience
the idea that whatever you can think of
you can do you know sometimes at work I
do Phineas and Ferb in Reverse you hear
this no we we take things that we want
to have happen right so like the giant
roller coaster now in Phineas and Ferb
they just montage and then they built it
right but in real life when you want to
do something that is so different what I
like to do is I’d say okay well this is
what we want to have happen how do we
make all the other steps necessary for
that to work out right like how do I
build all those steps in and then then
my job is to help build those steps in
so I would love it if life were as fast
as a montage but as a project manager
like my job is to kind of belong kind of
to build those things and they just
build it in the games then at is it
really a day the show is only about a
half hour seconds or something
like that right and every episode at the
end I Doofenshmirtz makes yeah kind of
like a mater and
every time that some like his inventions
gets the thing that they built and like
makes it disappeared and so right before
Candace gets her mom and like gets in
the backyard or something it’s always
gone and she tries to get them intro
busted but she never it never works out
right and it’s always something
unexpected at the last minute yeah and
so Candace’s is you know yeah mom’s
always like okay Candace whatever you
know not a big deal
and then Doofenshmirtz what’s the line
that he always says at the end after
Perry foils them but Percy Perry the
Platypus curse you perry the platypus
yeah I can’t do the voice very good but
it’s a lot of fun I like the show yeah
all right so do you want to read our
closing section here we’ve got to wrap
up this episode yeah that part that well
let’s wrap up this this up love it let’s
wrap this up this is the part where I
tell you that the best way to say thank
you for this episode is to share it with
someone you know I’ll let it let you
decide who that is and I’ll bet you know
someone who’d love to be a part of this
conversation if you’re joining us just
for this episode well when it you’re
glad you could make it want to stick
around it for the long haul with then
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