The Quorum | 46

In this edition we talk about how working through life when we’re having lulls is something we all go through. I talk about having the strength of a quorum to helps me through mine.


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find us curiosity meet gratitude my name
is Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today
in this edition we’re gonna be talking
about being honest it’s one of those
traits that we often assume everybody’s
doing but the reality is we often lie to
I am the best looking guy in the world
right but I’m really not I’m bald and
when I look at myself in the mirror I’m
know I’m not the most attractive person
but we lie to ourselves we tell
ourselves stories we dial up and
encourage our ego in different ways and
and some of this is healthy and some of
it isn’t
and I want to talk a little bit about
this and how it relates to our
relationship with God and so if this
isn’t an episode that you want to listen
to because it does involve a bit of
religion or religious belief feel free
to shut it off now and thank you for
listening in the intro so let’s talk
about where we are I was noticing an
insight in a situation that I was having
in the family and I was commenting on it
as if I had this great aura of authority
and always being right I didn’t want to
come across that way but it obviously
did well enough that my wife gave me
that look guys you know that will come
talking about that look where it’s like
laser beams are coming out of your eye
and like yeah I was judging somebody in
my family and that if I were going to be
judging at that level that I needed to
be living a better life and they got me
really thinking about the way I narrate
in this podcast and how a lot of times I
come across or I try to come across as
being really positive and like having
these great insights and knowing all the
things and I want to tell you guys that
I’m just as vulnerable and figuring
stuff out as anybody else is out in the
world and I bring this up because
there’s a couple of people who I
interacted with today it is a Sunday
there were a couple people I interacted
with today who reminded me that it
really is
okay to just be yourself at the level
you’re at and so one of them is as
always as we’ve talked about before the
it’s okay to be new philosophy and the
queen of it’s okay to be new Elle
Marquez was commenting today how she
feels that on her podcast choose linux’
how she feels like everybody else gets
it right and she’s the one that doesn’t
I relate to her more because things
don’t always go right and I love
absolutely loved the way she talks
herself through it and so part of this
podcast although I’ll try to sound
positive and upbeat so it’s an engaging
thing to listen to I’m still just as
much trying to figure this out and so
now I told you just a few minutes ago
that we were going to talk a little bit
about religion and how that plays a part
we had our lesson at church today it was
very collaborative for those who don’t
know I am a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of latter-day saints
I don’t want to flaunt my particular
faith but I think I can describe the
experience so that way it can relate to
other people’s experiences
professionally personally and in their
own churches so we’re having our Sunday
School lesson and it’s the week where
the guys get together and so we have a
group of a bunch of adult males all
ranging in ages lots of experiences lots
of great men to learn from and we were
listening to a talk from one of our
leaders and or or rather we were using
the talk from one of our leaders from
back a few months ago as the reference
point for our lesson and this leader
encouraged us to schedule time to be
able to spend it listening and
contemplating and praying right
scheduling time for that as being
important and and so the person
instructing had a really great question
how do we do that
what are some examples out there and
there were some amazing examples we have
people who have been listening to you
you know particularly helpful music on
their car ride other people listening to
scriptures on their car rides lots of
commute stories right as you can tell we
had other people who were talking about
getting out to nature and being able to
see all of that
and you know when we were done I felt a
prompting to raise my hand and comment
that I appreciated all of their
perspectives because maybe I haven’t
been budgeting the time to do that like
I needed to I certainly couldn’t think
of any direct example that was very
similar to to what had already been
shared and so it made me feel like well
maybe I was doing it wrong and so I
raised my hand and shared that guys you
know part of us getting together is so
that way when we are having a week or a
moment where we have the opportunity to
grow it’s okay to be there and so we
have our our group together where it’s
just the guys we call it a quorum
all right a quorum is a little different
than a team it’s kind of this this
partnership this gentlemen’s
I don’t know how quite to describe the
feeling that comes from a corn because
it’s unique it’s where it’s a safe place
where you can be vulnerable and you can
be positive and you can help pick other
people up and what I was trying to share
in my comment was hey guys it’s okay to
show up to church and have one of those
weeks where you need to be picked up and
in fact that’s kind of you know
something we’re all going to go through
and that’s something that we all feel
well I didn’t think much of the comment
but I got a text later on the day where
somebody had said that they really
appreciated that I brought up that
perspective and that you know they’ve
kind of been going through not just a
day or a week but but months where
they’ve had the feeling that maybe
they’re they’re not spending enough time
or getting it right and they don’t have
that that feeling where it happens and
that’s part of our human existence you
know that is absolutely part of our
human existence and I can’t remember
whether I’ve shared it on this podcast
or not maybe I have but loneliness as a
part of the atonement one of the last
things that Christ did on the cross was
he said father father why house though
forsaken me he overcame loneliness you
would not cry out for your dad if he
wasn’t there
you would not cry and you would not say
those things loneliness is a part of the
atonement having moments where we feel
disconnected and have to reassess and re
assert ourselves in life we’re perfectly
normal and in fact I want to share that
with you guys because I want you when
you have those moments where you feel
that way you’re not alone I absolutely
have those times and I feel that way as
well now as I was thinking about when do
I spend time praying and listening I
realized that over the past several
weeks I’ve I mean I’ve always kind of
woken up before my alarm but now I don’t
get up anymore I I stay in bed and
before the alarm goes off I’ll take the
time to listen and to think and to pray
and when I’m laying down to go to bed I
do the same thing as well and it strikes
me as odd that my parents taught me when
I was younger to start my day with the
prayer and end my day with the prayer
and over the course of time starting and
ending a day with the prayer has meant
different things sometimes it means
kneeling down and folding my arms and
praying and sometimes it means simply
remembering that I have a Heavenly
Father who loves me he loves me and he
cares about me and I’m not perfect and
he still loves me and I’m still not
going to be perfect tomorrow and he’s
still gonna love me and I’m gonna need
help overcoming the challenges I have in
life and he’s still gonna love me I have
knowledge I have a feeling I have a
belief of a faith I have I mean I’ve
lived my life this way long enough that
I don’t know if it’s even a belief
anymore it really does feel like I know
that there is a loving Heavenly parent
out there who cares about each one of us
and so now we may not share that belief
not everybody who listens to this house
to share the same philosophy or share
the same belief structure we don’t even
share the same experiences but we a part
of our human condition is realizing that
lies hard and we deal with things in
different ways and sometimes we go
through periods of weeks and months days
and years where we may not feel
like ourselves I’ve I’ve done that for
years and at some point on this podcast
I’ll talk to you guys a little bit more
about what it’s like to live with PTSD
and spend years of my life not being
able to have a good night’s sleep and
how difficult of a challenge that is so
I’ll tease that because I like to keep
these episodes to just about ten minutes
and we’re almost there now so remember
you’re not alone you’ve got a lot to be
grateful for if you don’t believe that
there is a god out there and you
definitely can believe that every one of
us here on the earth is going through
similar experiences and there’s at least
this podcast but I know there’s several
others out there that talk about what
that’s like and how we’re in this
together and we can rely on one another
we can create a quorum
where we feel like it’s safe for us to
share when we need some help with others
picking us off so let’s wrap up this
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