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I used to work a till at a clothing store and one day I did something I wasn’t supposed to do.


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curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today in
this edition we’re going to be talking
about Bob’s discount clothing store I
know you’ve heard of it it’s all over
the country or maybe it’s not in fact I
don’t even think this exists anymore but
Bob’s discount clothing store was the
first retail chain store that I worked
for in life and through quite a few
lessons that came out of the experience
from there and one of them I’d like to
share with you guys today
again we like to highlight the good
things in the world and sometimes that’s
something somebody else does and
sometimes it’s something that we create
and we do this on this show in part
because we can recognize that we have
the potential to create a lot of good
for somebody else
so let me take you back the setting is
I’d recently graduated from high
school I was committed to joining the
army at that point I hadn’t quite left
it was the fall season and I needed to
work and so I chose to get a job working
at the cash register or the till as my
wife likes to call it because she’s
so I’m working at the till this clothing
store and they brought me on is one of
their seasonal hires somebody who was
only supposed to work around the
Christmas holidays they brought me in a
little earlier than that they started
working and this is back in the time
when the tills were pretty manual right
I mean there were computers but you know
he was mostly buttons not a whole lot of
screens to show you what was going on
and not a new screen at all really and
what the the store would do is they
would purchase advertising space on a
weekly basis to get people to come into
the store there would be a ten percent
or five percent or some sort of discount
that a coupon that you would get in your
newspaper then people would bring that
in and there would be a code on there
and so I’d be able to take off you know
% or % off the highest valued item in
their order and it was pretty simple and
easy to do and you know for me being the
sort of person I was I was able to
memorize these codes pretty easily right
by about Monday afternoon on my shift I
have it down you know usually a four or
five digit number you know and then I’d
be off to the races good to go well I
noticed the lady had come in and
something had happened in her life I
don’t know what and I wasn’t very good
at reading character at that point but I
knew enough from looking at her to know
that that something was going on and she
was trying to figure out how to take
care of I think she had three or four
kids with her and trying to get them all
situated with winter coats for the year
and I know from being a parent now what
that feeling is like oh crap they’ve all
grown we’ve got to go through this again
this is an unbundled expenses we’re
preparing for holidays and I know what
that feeling is I didn’t know what it
was like to have that feeling at the
time but I knew that I could see in her
face that she was trying to accomplish
something and figuring out the math for
making things work the interesting thing
about this lady was that this was the
second or third time that I’d seen her
in the store that week taking care of
something and just looking like she was
having trouble making ends meet so what
I did is you know again these coupon
codes were only supposed to be used once
a week for one purchase on the highest
dollar value item so when the lady came
through our register the second time
that week she had already used her
coupon I’d put it in the till and that
was the end of it I decided to go ahead
and apply the code to her highest
purchased item and sent her on her way
and there was a line I didn’t really see
what happened you know after that too
much but I did glance over and she was
talking to customer service into the
manager that was over there I was like
all my goodness and anytime that happens
I automatically think the worst that’s
just I don’t know what it is I’m
programmed that way to think that the
worst possible thing could happen great
they’ve talked to the manager they found
out I use the coupon code I wasn’t
supposed to I’m gonna get in trouble I
really need this job because you know I
I’ve got to be able to have some sort of
money coming in you know this is right
before my parents that kicked me out of
the house and so I I got real nervous
the next morning I show up for my shift
we open up the store the manager pulls
all of us aside she’s talking to us and
Jesus all right everybody Jacob’s been
doing something here I’ve had a call
like all my heart just sinks right now
my goodness they’ve called corporate
about what I’ve been doing this has gone
all the way up what jake has been doing
he’s been applying the code that we put
in the coupon flier to anybody’s
purchased that day where they ask for it
or not and he’s been taking initiative
to do that on his own and that’s now our
store policy if you guys who are running
the tills feel that you see a valued
customer and you want to go ahead and
use that discount whether it’s the
second or third time doesn’t matter feel
free to go ahead and do so and
encourages customers could come to the
store more than once and if they come to
the store more than once then they’re
likely going to go ahead and purchase
you know something from us each time
that they come in and I just I turned
around and I was just absolutely elated
it was one of the coolest things ever is
that something I’d done to take care of
one family all of a sudden became the
store policy and so that whole Christmas
season I was able to help make people’s
Christmases better by taking that five
or ten percent or whatever happened to
be for that week and applying it to
their purchases to say thank you for
coming to the store and thank you for
being a good guest and a good customer
especially when you came through my line
and so you know it wasn’t much right I
mean I was I was at the time I was
essentially giving away somebody else’s
money I’m not suggesting we can do that
everywhere but I am suggesting that we
can look at the resources and the
opportunities that we have to help turn
somebody’s day just a little bit better
and this happened to me today
I had to connect with somebody in
Australia to get something done for work
and I don’t I haven’t been to Australia
I haven’t met any of these people in
person well one of the people I was
engaging took the time to make sure that
they had a really you know happy smile
on their profile photo and the whole
time I’m writing them so I’m instant
messaging this person connecting with
them in Australia never met him before I
realized that I’m smiling because I’m
looking at that photo and it’s one of
those contagious smiles that’s out there
now we we are not always naturally
photogenic I think practicing with
selfies is a good thing you know
but I also think that we have the
ability to take the time to baby take a
photo that puts us in a more flattering
light to put that Kim
just smile on our face and let that be
our profile photo or pick something else
along these lines where you can take the
extra effort to know that whoever
engages it whoever engages you that way
is going to see you smile you know I try
one of the things I’m learning from
doing this podcast is how much your
voice changes when you smile as you’re
speaking and there have been episodes
I’ve recorded where I’ve been nervous
and try to get it rushed and done and
there’s episodes where I can really take
my time take my time to breathe then
take my time to smile and you can
definitely hear the difference I can
hear the difference when I come back to
those episodes and I listen to them I
smile with myself as I’m listening and
so we want to try to do more of that as
I record more episodes and as you guys
talk on the phone and engage people
smile while you do it smile while you’re
engaging others so that’s it for this
episode I’m not sure where I’m at a
title it may be Bob’s discount clothing
maybe maybe smile while you’re doing it
I’m not quite sure it’ll depend on when
I what I’m feeling like when I create
the artwork later on so let’s wrap this
episode up this is the part where I tell
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choose to be anything why not choose to
be grateful

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