Radeon for Rainey | 43

In this edition Rainey and I talk about the adventures getting his GPU up and running in his computer. This was frustrating! Which means we learned a lot.

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curiosity meet gratitude my name is
Jacob and I’m glad you’re here today in
this edition we’re going to be talking
about GPUs and computers and my son
rainy rainy is just recently turned
and in becoming a teenager one of the
things he’s become really interested in
recently is computers but mostly to play
games and you know what honestly I’m the
sort of dad where I view games as a form
of storytelling right it’s an
interactive form of storytelling it’s
different than this type of storytelling
your stuff out type of absorbing stories
that you get from books then rainy is a
sort of guy where he loves to read he
loves to be curious and writes to learn
different things so an Rainey’s birthday
is only a few days or whatever after
Christmas so we always have trouble with
his birthday presents trying to make
sure that they’re distinct and different
enough from his Christmas presents the
league still feels like he has a
birthday because otherwise he’s like you
know I got gypped dad that’s not cool so
one of the things that we did this year
is we went and we got rainy had been
playing for night and we’ve been gifted
an old Windows computer
and it had an internal GPU in there yeah
it’s an older computer so it’s an older
computer and had an internal GPU and it
was it was giving us a frame rate of
like maybe seven frames a second or ten
frames you say and it was pretty
terrible to play a game and you can
imagine so you rate your gameplay in
part on frames per second right how many
frames of the shape in our average
movies are frames a second television
usually they’re or frames frames
per second right depending on their
cycle rate and so video games are more
interactive the more frames that they
have and the GPU is the processing is
the graphical processing unit that
allows all that to take place the GPU
and this machine was an internal GPR was
terribly slow and so we wanted to get
rainy a better experience so we invested
in a GPU for his his birthday the
problem with that was is I have not done
anything with computers and motherboards
since like the whole IBM Pentium
megahertz days right when I was a kid in
high school and not done anything with
hardware since then I haven’t dealt any
machines all of my computers have really
been laptops yeah I’ve thrown some
ramming them but I really haven’t done
much else and I didn’t know what to buy
or whether it would fit or you know even
if motherboards had like the same slots
in them across all the different
motherboards I still have no idea
they outsource that and thankfully one
of the groups that I like to network
with and is a bunch of guys who run
Linux and I think we’ve talked about
Linux before but if you haven’t if you
joined our podcast since then Linux is
this operating system that is created
and curated by these wonderful
enthusiasts and the best part of that
it is not perfect that is not a perfect
unity the best part of that community is
the people and one of the people that’s
out there is very very hardware savvy I
knew about him a friend of a friend who
contacted him and I’d heard him on his
own podcast his name’s Alex and he does
this podcast with this guy named Chris
so Alex and Chris do this podcast called
self-hosted where they review hardware
and you know getting off the grid and
how you would you know build your home
technology in a way so that way you
don’t have to rely on cloud services
much and it’s a pretty neat podcast
I’ll link to that on this particular
episode and so reached out to Alex and I
just said hey Alex I have no idea what
I’m doing
here’s our budget here’s the machine
what do I get
and he was able to spec something out
for us we were able to go ahead and
purchase it and get that now when we got
it though it didn’t exactly work right
away and a few things happened first off
the machine that we had the case that we
had was way too small for this GPU right
it was the wrong size thankfully we had
another case laying around cuz ring is
the sort of kid where we’ve been doing
computer projects for a while so we had
a case where we had just taken things
apart to learn about the parts of the
computer and so he took that old case
and he I think I was at work and he
moved the whole motherboard over I mean
like way freaking cool right like talk
about proud dad moment you know this kid
gets on screwdrivers and occupies the
kitchen table you know and he’s he’s
moving part for part from one computer
case over to the other case
and and then we also realized that we
don’t have enough power like this GPU
needs another power source so we’ve got
to get another power supply so then
Rainey’s got to install that power
supply we had to measure the case to
make sure we got the right one and all
of those things so so we get that done
and so he’s had this GPU for a couple
days and he hasn’t had the opportunity
yet to really play it or do anything
with it because yet it was the case and
he had that and he had to wait for a
power supply so the power supply comes
in and and we load that and we’ve got
the GPU and we think we’ve got things
ripped up right before turn it on and
then we get this BIOS here right so the
BIOS is just the operating system that
sits on the motherboard it’s very very
basic and it says hey I can’t see the
temperature gauge anymore hey I can’t
see it was like three errors now on the
BIOS we just we just went ahead and skip
that because whatever and got into the
Machine and the BIOS couldn’t recognize
the GPU you know in every once a while
you get one that’s bad right I’ve heard
people talk before about how sometimes
you get hardware and everyone smile so
you know we troubleshoot a couple of
things and then I step away from it and
they say you know what I’ll just I’ll
think about this when we come back to it
memory says wait a sec it dad I don’t
think it’s all the way in so he pushes
it all the way in and then boom it
starts working oh and that stopped the
GPU that’s not the computer that’s not
the computer from processing all the way
because I’m happy like half of the stick
was in because like I had to take out
the ring get the motherboard mean more
easily because in our case I know I
capitalistic was in and so I just didn’t
like want to run properly and then after
that we got Windows running and then
Windows wasn’t recognizing the graphics
card at all and so then we had to then
we saw in the who’s recognizing it as an
audio device oh that’s right and so we
had to do more troubleshooting and it
was so frustrating because there’s all
of these days of anticipation being able
to get in there and play the game and
make it awesome and one of the last
steps on the troubleshooting we realized
was that the driver that Windows pulls
down was actually broken and so as soon
as it installed and leveraged that
driver you’d get about more seconds
of screen time where you can interact
with the screen and then it would die
like you wouldn’t be able to get into
your computer informally and so that was
really frustrating to have that as an
experience and again you know we work on
it until we’re frustrated then we say
hey let’s pause and take a break and
think of it and then I tried Linux right
cuz I was like aw man if that’s broken
under windows it’s got to work under
Linux we’re gonna make sure that the
hardware works right so I tried out into
Linux the same thing happened I’m like
crap and so finally we realized that it
was the driver and so I told her and I
said look I said go to your brother’s
computer download the specific driver
for this GPU and unplug the Internet
when you install Windows and then
install this driver and then Windows
when it does its updates won’t pull down
a video driver anymore it’ll have the
right one from the manufacturer from the
manufacturers website be good to go
and it worked and rainy was in there and
good to go and he goes in and starts to
play his game and one of the settings
isn’t right on the game and so he’s got
really crappy framerate really crappy
like everything it was like oh my
goodness how do we I mean every time we
turned around with this project we were
having one frustrating experience after
another and because of the the folks I
mean we just did an episode or I just
didn’t record an episode last week
before he talked about how learning is
supposed to feel frustrating right it
doesn’t learning and learning experience
in a failing experience feels very much
the same and so I was feeling like we
were going through failure right which
which I knew to pause and just try to
see his learning but it took a lot of
self-discipline the see it is learning
eventually we got it working we figured
out one of the settings and now his
frame rates up to like about or
what are you up to now for your frame
rate for your frame rate you know
how immersive is the game
okay he’s not in his head Randy’s
nodding he said this is one of the fun
things about kids is they that are quiet
when there’s a microphone present but
all yesterday and the day before once he
got this thing working
dad this is so merciful I had no idea
that this thing looked like this this is
so cool they did the graphics so great I
mean just constantly it was awesome
and so for this episode we really want
to say thank you again to all the folks
that kind of helped out here especially
Alex Wright Rainey do you have something
you want to say to Alex because I’ll tag
him on Twitter here listen to this one
so you keep can you just give him a
couple of words I know it’s a microphone
and microphones are scary but would you
give him a couple of words of thank you
or something like that thank you
okay maybe a little more than thank you
like what does this mean to you how cool
is this birthday I’m on all your other
birthdays thank you I went from playing
on like the lowest settings possible to
now on the highest settings possible
with frame rates ranging from like to
like a hundred and forty and they used
to be like five to maybe thirty okay and
how much did you learn about GPUs in
this process like if your friend were to
do this okay would you be able to help
them through troubleshooting it yes yeah
so this is something you guys were
talking about then okay so one of the
ways whenever you work with somebody
like in Alex right he’s out there online
have a met him in person but he’s made a
difference in your life one of the best
ways to say thank you is to make sure
you share what you’ve learned with
somebody else right and so that’s so
cool that you’re already able to do that
you’re already able to share what you’ve
learned so I’ll bet you that’s going to
make ours proud makes me proud I’m
really bad
all right so this is a good opportunity
for us to finish off this episode before
we do we actually have a correction in a
previous episode I thought that
years would be Quin Tenniel and I got
corrected thank you at musical coder on
Twitter for correcting me and reminding
me that Quinton is actually five and
that if I wanted to do a word for
years it would be quad teneal quad
Tenniel and so while I won’t know I
don’t know how to make that correction
on the particular episode I do and we’ll
make that correction here and parking
thought we are dedicated to being
curious and trying to get things as
right as possible and so I apologize for
saying Quinta neol instead of quad team
now let’s finish off this episode by
reminding you this is the part where I
suggest the best way for you to say
thank you to this episode is to share it
with someone that you know and I’ll let
you decide on who that is and I’ll bet
you know someone who would appreciate it
the other thing I get to tell you guys
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