The Meaning of Life 🤗 | 37

In this episode we dive into understanding why the popular book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy gives 42 as the answer to the meaning of life. While you’re busy thinking about what opportunities you’ll embrace in the new year, why not learn what the meaning of life really is?

ASCII’s 42:


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curiosity meet gratitude my name is
I am glad you’re here today in this
edition we’re gonna be talking about the
meaning of life why because it’s New
Year’s New Year’s Eve is a great time to
to spend time with family but also to
reflect on what changes your were gonna
make in the next year I plan on
continuing this podcast because boy am i
learning a lot as I get to figure out
how to produce a podcast and do the UM
the the image you know creation for each
of the little thumbnails that you click
on and see and how I can make those more
persuasive so more people will join and
all those sorts of little things and
then the subject of this show I have
such a backlog of really cool things
I’ve discovered there’s stuff from
archives back in the s that I can’t
wait to share with you guys and all
kinds of other really awesome and
amazing things so in this episode while
we’re thinking about the New Year and
we’re gonna reflect on what our
possibilities are we might come around
to thinking on what the meaning of life
is and remember in this show we talk
about systems and we very often take now
please leave your things
we show enter the movie and the book The
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy or
remember that in that story you know the
the characters are going on a grand
adventure and one of the things they
come across is what is the meaning of
life and there’s a computer in that
story that thinks about it for a number
of years lots and lots and lots and lots
of years they do all the calculations to
figure out what the meaning of life is
and at one point in the story that
computer communicates that answer back
to people and it’s the number and
that usually leaves the audience
wondering why in the world is at the
number and the answer actually is
pretty cool and pretty wonderful once
you understand so as a number
maybe not the coolest greatest number
yes divisible by it’s over it’s got
a few different characteristics right we
have different numerical histories right
and doesn’t really fall into any one
of those so for example because we have
fingers and toes
generally speaking right we have
based numbering systems in our language
right so if you look at the way we talk
about language we have numbers through
or excuse me through tend to be
different than the other numbers in this
series right and that’s because
historically people would only maybe
count up to but they’ve given
specific names right because otherwise
you’d have you know instead of being
you’d have why
because when you get to you have
so so linguistically all
right we have this heritage of a
based numbering system we also have this
heritage of a based numbering system
that’s how come all of our clocks are
based on seconds in minutes right
and those sorts of things and that is
oh my goodness is such a beautiful
number if you are using abstract numbers
right as opposed to a base ten numbering
system why because is divisible by
one two three four five and six right
it’s divisible by all of those numbers
and so those being the most familiar
numbers being the first six numbers in
this series right and being able to be
divisible by all of those it’s really
cool and important so so hence would
be a great number but we get
in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy
and this throws a lot of people off and
the reason why it throws people off is
because the numbering system they’re
expecting to give the answer is not the
one that they are familiar with right so
the numbering system that we use for
counting up you know art art excuse me
for our clocks and stuff like that is
right the numbers that we use
linguistically go from zero to right
but is not designed for human beings
to remember is the answer a computer
gave so the answer must be from a system
that is understood by computers and this
is where it gets pretty neat so the
answer actually comes back to ASCII ASCI
I don’t ask me what it stands for
I didn’t look that up prior to the
podcast but ASCII write is very similar
to what we use in Morse code right where
you have a series of dots and dashes
only an ASCII its ones and zeroes and
each one of those ones and zeroes refers
to a different place holder number right
so for example you know in ASCII if you
were to do that might mean if
you do zeros or one of I mean a or
right might mean and so on and
so forth right you have a different
number place holder a different bit is
turned on to refer to that particular
character on your keyboard or number on
your keyboard so is one of those
characters alright because most of our
keyboards are character compatible
if not more right is definitely one
of those characters so it’s a character
you’ve seen on the keyboard it’s not the
it’s a little off from that the number
on the keyboard that represents is
not really a number it’s a symbol
it’s the symbol for the asterisk and the
asterisk in computer language is the
multiplier it means whatever you want
forty-two is whatever you want it to be
it is the asterisk the meaning of life
is whatever you decide to make of it and
that’s why that is the episode we’re
sharing with you guys this is the topic
we’re sharing with you guys’s as we’re
going out into this new year what will
you make of this year you know it’s not
gonna be made for you it’s not gonna be
handed to you you will make the year
what will you make of it
right what will you make of that year so
that way you can get the most out of it
you can find the most joy you can find
the most happiness out of it and there’s
a lot of options out there and you have
to be the one to decide what that will
look like and what it will be and so I
hope that as we continue this journey
together where we take curiosity and we
take gratitude right and we bring that
forward in the new year with a positive
outlook that we can find things and fall
in love with things that we didn’t know
existed we didn’t know that somebody
else cared about right a lot of the
things that we have were not just simply
exist in existence right somebody cared
and put it together and we need to take
a pause and notice and understand that
and so if you happen to be a fan of
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy you’ve
paused to wonder why the answer to the
meaning of life was well now you know
and now you can share that with somebody
else all right speaking of sharing
things I want curiosity spotlight so
curiosity spotlight is where we ask you
guys as our audience to tell us how
curiosity has impacted your personal and
professional life and you can leave that
in a comment below right you can leave
that on twitter using the hashtag
curiosity spotlight or you can ping us
directly on twitter at parking thought
right and so feel free tell us how
curiosity has impacted your personal or
professional life because I’ll bet you
it has I’ll bet you you’ve been curious
about something and it’s led you to a
whole girl that you’ve fallen in love
and if you can type that up and do it in
characters or less we love to
highlight it on the show and have that
available for the audience to share with
the rest of them because as we share
what we’re curious about it helps us
again appreciate more things that exist
in the world and it also helps us
recognize some of the beautiful things
that we do have so let’s wrap up this
episode this is the part where I tell
you that the best way to say thank you
for this episode is to share it with
somebody else and if you’re just
sticking around for this episode we’re
glad you can make it and if you want to
stick around for the long haul to
remember this podcast can be delivered
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calm we’re also on the YouTube the
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and remember and world where you can
choose to be anything why not choose to
be grateful

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