Great Things Start Small

Yesterday I came home to signs being posted on the fridge. My 17 year-old had cleaned it without asking and she left notes instructing us on where things should go and that we should “put things back.”

During the fake power outage over the weekend my boys played with their Legos. Before bedtime last night, they cleaned them up.

Also the youngest made no-bake cookies. Lots of them.

I’ve been a part of some great things in life. I’ve also studied some great things in history. They all rely on small things. Hurricanes need the dust from the Sahara and the seed for the giant Sequoia trees is tiny compared to their potential.

The great inventions we enjoy are built upon lots of small discoveries. We wouldn’t have the iPhone without Pixar. We wouldn’t have Pixar without Star Wars. We wouldn’t have Star Wars without Kirosawa. We wouldn’t have Kirosawa without a mentor teaching a young man to face his fears.

It’s neat to see those moments where the kids do small things that make a difference. All the small things are needed for the great things in life.

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