8 hours in

We’re eight hours into our 24 hours without power and after the initial shock 5.5/6 family members are embracing it as an adventure.

I still miss my keyboard.

The sun is setting and it’ll be interesting to see what the kids do once the lights are out. Our games with friends ended at about the same time as the sun went below a neighbor’s house.

The dog seems to be predominantly in phases by this whole adventure and I’m looking forward to going to sleep.

The youngest boy busted out a propane camp stove and challenged himself do do a full dinner of spaghetti and meat balls. Adventurous and delicious.

We have a pretty good pile of dishes. At one point my thought was to wash them by hand, but now the strategy is just to wait and do a couple of loads after our time is up.

I say we made it to 5.5 kids seeing this as an adventure. The stubborn one is participating but still complaining and the teenage boy went to a friends house who isn’t a member of our congregation.

I don’t plan on staying up to do these updates every four hours at night. I’ve got a comfortable bed and a good excuse to head to bed early.