4 hours in

We’re four hours into our 24 hours without power and after the initial shock 5/6 family members are embracing it as an adventure.

I do miss having a keyboard to type with. But that’s part of the adventure.

The 9 year old wanted muddy buddies and so the hiking stove got used to melt chocolate chips, butter, and peanut butter. The recipe was successful proving that an inconvenience stop you from having a treat.

The LEGOs have returned. Years ago they aren’t getting picked up and so they were placed in storage in the garage. Now the garage has half it’s square footage taken up by LEGOs.

I took a nap and charged my phone using a charging brick. I’ll charge the brick and my phone again via the car if the need presents itself.

It’s important to have a support network in situations like this.

We’ve shared our status with others and have a friend with a gas stove in case we need to cook anything major. We have another friend who ‘still has electricity’ where we can escape to if necessary.

Tonight we’ve got plans for board games instead of watching tv and we’re hoping that our reluctant adventurer will see the good in her life.

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