the thing or the measurement

I think we’ve screwed up time.

From the mathematical sense we use a combination of Base 60 and Base 12 which are both mathematically brilliant, but not at all intuitive for a species with five digits on each major appendage.

We’ve also screwed up the language we use for this topic as well. From time’s perspective, there’s no such thing as a second of time. We’ve agreed to subdivide up the experience into smaller segments, but those segments aren’t the thing.

Time doesn’t have seconds, but we treat time as if it did.

We conflate the measurement with the thing instead of just respecting the thing.

Now, I’m not disappointed that we’ve done this. As a society it’s pretty useful despite how messed up this is to at least have a common measurement. But, if we’ve done this with time what other things haven’t I noticed where we confuse the thing for the measurement?


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