When Was the Last Time You Forgot Something?

I love when language evolves.  The other day it evolved right during the middle of my conversation with someone.

I was on the line with tech support and they were helping me with an account issue.  The nice lady helping me said that she was in the practice of forgetting things all the time.  But she wasn’t referring to the usual definition of a memory lapse.  She was referring to an action verb.

The call to customer support suddenly became 5 minutes longer.  I needed to understand what she was talking about.  So I queried what she meant and eventually we got to an understanding.

Instead of using it to refer to memory lapse she used it as a verb to restore account logins/passwords.  Sure there’s the process of not-remembering the password to begin with, but that wasn’t what we were talking about.  We were talking about the series of clicks and steps required to restore a login.

Language has evolved!

When was the last time you forgot something?screen-shot-2019-01-13-at-9.15.59-pm.png


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