It’s Not The Experiences That Teach Us

I don’t think there’s been a generation on the planet that has the ability to live more full and active lives.  Our lives today are clearly full of all types of experiences.  When we travel to work we often travel at more than a mile a minute.  A pace that was thought impossible by those trekking westward traversing the Oregon Trail on foot!

My kids have traveled over the oceans and seen the Fjords of Norway.  They’ve seen castles in multiple countries and even the little village used to inspire Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

20160820_Colmar_007_6000 x 4000

While we’ve been to a lot of places and had a lot of experiences along the way I was surprised when I came across a quote that briefly articulated that our experiences actually had less value than I had realized.  It’s a short one liner from John Dewey.

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.”

We often think that a life rich in experiences is a rich life, but if you’re always running from one fast-pass activity to the next you’re missing out on the value those activities provide.  It’s important to take the time to reflect.

Psst!  That’s one reason for this blog.  It gives me my opportunities to reflect.  I just personally prefer to share me reflections in the hopes of sparking a dialogue in the comments.

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