Baptists at Our Barbecue Book Review

To be honest, it took me three years to finish this book.  It’s not because it wasn’t wonderful.  It’s because I was dealing with a lot of other things and it just didn’t get high enough up on the priority list for me to reengage.  I generally don’t read novels, or at least novels that aren’t business related.  I’ve been this way since junior high, which is to say, quite a few years ago.  At Henry James Junior High other students would grab fiction books from the library.  I grabbed biographies.

This nerdiness paid off immensely when I needed to pass a general science CLEP test.  Thankfully I had been reading astronomy text books for fun.  Passed with flying colors.

But, I digress.

This book was turned into a movie, and the movie has many pleasant memories for me.  One of them is when I had returned from home to Iraq and had to spend a few days waiting before moving north.  One of the things I did with those guys was watch the movie version of this book.  I figured they’d be offended because of the heavy Mormon cultural references.  They weren’t.  They laughed pretty hard throughout the whole movie.  Why?  Because the characters are simply wonderful.  While I could praise the director and cast for a well done execution, the credit goes better to the book’s author, Robert Farrell Smith.


His own proud section in the About the Author portion of the book illustrates his humor and ability to apply self-deprecation.  The book is full of lovely witty moments and brilliantly sparkling characters.

I’m no


t actually sure what else to say since I don’t read fiction very often I can’t tell if the characters are too flat, say things the wrong way or any of those things.  I can tell you that I enjoyed the book even to the point where I might read it again, but I don’t quite want to commit to that because it might take me another three years.  Then I’m afraid that someone would just end up writing a sequel and basing one of the characters off of me.