kanban view of a pull request

Pull Request

Pull Request (1)

I’ve been around software guys for years and have heard the phrase pull request long enough that I was embarrassed I didn’t exactly know what it meant.  I had a general idea, but not one that was clear in my mind.  I also knew that this was one of those technical questions where I would grok it better if I talked to someone in person.   So, I found one of the smartest guys in the building when few people were around, drew out a kanban board (above) and asked him how a pull request was done.

I got my answer, but to my surprise when I searched for images none of them had anything to do with kanban boards.  They viewed pull requests as off-track activities that needed to get pulled back into the main branch.

That’s interesting, I thought, because that understanding means that items on the main branch wouldn’t go through the review process that is a pull request.  That doesn’t jive with the reality that I’ve heard pull requests being used on main branches and appendages of software development for some time.  I think the definition needs to be updated, and the diagrams need some competition.  So, here’s my contribution.  It’s a kanban board view of a pull request.

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