How I Made This

I can’t art.

My YouTube feed showed me that the Slow Mo Guys were spinning records until they broke.  I decided that the breaking frames looked beautiful.

So I took the frame from their video and took a screenshot:


But I didn’t want all the background noise.  I just wanted to get the outlines and to do that I needed to convert the bitmap to a vector.  For that I used InkScape.

After InkScape selected the right bits I deleted the unwanted parts (had to ungroup first) and ended up with this:


Ah, but that background was a bit ugly and I like dartkable.  So I brought it into darktable and tweaked the color settings to end up with this:


Now that I’ve done it and typed about it I can see there are better ways to do the workflow.

Interesting how defining processes gives you the perspective to find opportunities to improve the processes.

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