San Serriffe–My Next Vacation

Since I find myself out of work and pushing 40, I’ve decided that I can officially declare a mid-life crisis.  So it’s time to do something reckless.  I thought of buying a motorcycle, going skydiving and even thought of going skiing (which scares me to no end).  After carefully considering my options and weighing the pros and cons, I’ve decided that I will be taking a solo-vacation to San Serriffe.

My trip itinerary includes landing at the capital of Bodoni and spending two days touring the northern most island before taking a ferry to the southern island (Lower Caisse) where I’ve scheduled a multi-day bike tour around the island.

While there are islands closer that would allow me to enjoy a similar itinerary San Serriffe offers me the ability to tell stories of my visit that are truly unique and possibly unbelievable.  This is the same case I’d make when traveling Europe.  Everyone goes to Paris, but how many people go to Krakow?  When it comes to islands everyone goes to Hawaii, but how many people go to San Seriffe?

For security reasons I wont be posting my exact date of departure, but rest assured it will be soon as the weather this time of year in the southern hemisphere is reasonably pleasant although there is the chance of severe storms as the season draws to a close.

One of the best things about the trip that I’m looking forward to is the freedom from Comic Sans.  Rumor has it that the government of Sans Serriffe outlawed the use of the font across the islands.  Just think!  Flag burning is acceptable for protests, but using an ugly font can result in a steep fine.

I’ll need to make sure I clean my font library on my laptop before visiting.  Hopefully they don’t complain about the Linotype fonts I keep in my library.

Onward to San Serriffe!

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