Critical Chain

Eliyahu M. Goldratt became a master of project management through hard work and careful observation.  His ideas and contributions to project management would have gone unappreciated if he wasn’t also a good communicator.

In this business novel Goldratt articulates problems typical with project management.  Through careful dialogue his characters extract perspectives on solutions that help the reader not merely understand the concepts, but also how to communicate them within their sphere of influence.

This book, Critical Chain, looks at the human dimension of project management and how safe buffers added to the project timeline by individual offices do nothing to move the project along.  Instead Goldratt clearly explains through his characters practical methods for shifting these buffers from the individual lines of effort to an aggregate for the project.

Every manager wanting to make their teams and processes more efficient should add this book to their reading list.  It’s a clear winner designed to help teams deliver results.


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