preparing for our robot overlords

One of the jokes that often emerges in technical circles is that we humans are the biological boot loader for some superior robotic race that will come after us. Usually the joke is followed by an awkward chuckle.

Recently I got an iWatch and now I’m beginning to think that the whole thing might be a legitimate concern. This is the first device I’ve had that told me to breathe.

Awkward chuckle.

I turned off the app.

Take that future robot overlords.

Apocalypse averted. You’re welcome. Feel free to send me bitcoin.

Trying Really Does Matter

Matt and Hannah are the sort of people you wish you had teaching math to you at school. As a life long learner I’ve enjoyed their videos and what they’ve been able to teach me.

Recently, I wrote a post about the fallacy to find a single right answer and how that impacts our lives. This video demonstrates that multiple tries can actually improve the confidence of a singular data point.

Yes, it’d be cool to get it right the first time, but it’s also OK to keep trying and learn from each iteration. Here’s how to do it with Maths.

Try not to laugh so hard while you’re learning.

Amazon Primed

Public Service Announcement: Amazon Prime is country specific.

So, when you want to use to send stuff to some friends in Australia, you’ll be paying for shipping within that country.

It’s not that big of a deal considering you wont be paying for shipping from the US to whatever country you want your goods to end up in.

This past week I tried the experiment. My username and password were international, my Prime members ship was not. Still, really cool that I got to send thank you gifts to some friends down under!

What a great day and age we live in!

small things are awesome

It’s easy to do the small things in life. They do take discipline, but they are also pretty easy.

I’m old enough now to see how the small things I’ve done have made a difference. There was a time I took some teenagers running. It was a great morning for a run. There had recently been a brush fire that cleared almost all of the bushes that made some of the terrain otherwise unaccessible.

We took off.

We ran by bison along the trail and when we hit the scorched earth our feet were wonderfully padded by fresh layers of ash. It was a blast.

One of the young men in the group attributed that experience to helping him love to run. Running was how he met a cute girl. Now that cute girl is his wife.

It wasn’t much at the time. It was just a fun opportunity to go for a run. I didn’t know how it made a difference until the wedding reception.

Yesterday at church I brought some post-it notes. Prior to services starting I shared the post-its with some of the children in the congregation and asked them to write “I’m glad you’re here today” and put it in the Sacrament Hymn (the song prior to taking the Sacrament [communion]).

It was fun to see faces light up. First of the kids as they were hiding the post-its in the books. Second of the families who enjoyed a nice message as part of their preparation for the sacrament.

It’s a small thing.

Small things are a good way to make a difference.